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Top ten gaming PCS

Despite a large number of handheld gaming devices and gaming consoles, PC gaming is still on the move. Gaming enthusiasts know that nothing could beat gameplay quality that you’d get with a desktop gaming PC. But which one will actually help you and take you to the next level? We give you top tan gaming PCs in this particular category. The most essential gaming decision you will make when buying a gaming desktop is a selection of 3D graphics subsystem to utilize. Integrated graphics are much fine for casual games, but to bring out beast on AAA titles, you will desire one or more than one graphics cards. Nowadays, dual, triple, & quad graphics card arrays from Nvidia and AMD reign supreme on desktop. CrossFire X solution by AMD comprise of multiple Radeon HD processors, whereas top draw by Nvidia is its 2, 3, or even 4-way SLI with up to 4 Nvidia cards known as GeForce GTX.

Some words of advice, though: Equipping system with high-end GPUs will inevitably boost total bill by a huge amount of bucks. Still, numerous graphics cards not only put in extra GPU power to the gaming experience, but it could also enable multiple-monitor setups so you could run up to 6 displays in Nvidia’s 3D Surround setup or AMD’s Eyefinity. You could still get a rich gaming experience for a huge amount less by utilizing a single but robust 1GB and 2GB video cards like the Nvidia GTX Series GeForce card or midlevel AMD Radeon. If you are less worried about turning up all eye candy found on games esoteric lighting effects and anti-aliasing, for instance then cards and GPUs which was available in last year will still give you plenty of vigour for a much less.

Below are Top ten gaming PCs you will currently find in the market. While numerous are configured-to-order PCs from manufacturers, some actually come from massive brands normally linked with consumer-grade desktops.

10.Velocity Micro Edge Z30 Small Block

The Velocity Edge Z30 Small Block takes Small Block name from case design, an SFF mini-ITX tower that crams a strong mid-range gaming PC in a small black metal case, which is definitely blocky. It has a very compact design with Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 and Quad-core CPU which offer outstanding performance. There is a huge space for storage available, thanks to a 250GB SSD & 2TB hard drive.

9.MSI AG270 Gaming All-in-One (2PC-006US)


The very first time you do a thing, it is an experiment; the second time, it is a refinement. You are no longer trying to watch if something works, you are actively making it work much better. Case in point: MSI AG270. The very first model of gaming all-in-one desktop by MSI, MSI AG2712A, seemed like more of a single-off proof of concept, putting components of gaming-grade into a complete single chassis just to see if anybody will desire to purchase it.

8.Main gear Spark

The Main gear Spark was first introduced at CES 2014 as part of 1st-generation of Steam Machine (also known as Steam Box) gaming consoles running Steam OS. Fast forward to present, and Steam OS is till date vaporware, but hardware is ready. You could utilize Spark with Big Picture interface by Steam for an advanced look at Steam operating system, but Big Picture is still only an overlay over Windows despite a true Linux-based OS replacement. The Spark, which actually comes with Windows 8.1, is very compact desktop PC and is prepared with a discrete AMD Radeon R9 with AMD A8 processor. Basically, it is a cheap system capable of playing games on HD HDTVs and monitors.

7.Lenovo Erazer X700

Lenovo is getting into gaming desktop business, making a real bold statement with Lenovo Erazer X700, a beginner level desktop for gaming. The X700 is actually the answer of Lenovo to many off-the-shelf gaming PCs provided by PC manufacturers of late. Like Predator AG3-605-UR20 by Acer or Envy Phoenix h9-1320t by HP, Erazer X700 features powerful yet generic components and a really attractive design that aims to both appeal gamers with its edgy looks & stand out against mainstream desktop designs.

6.Falcon Mach V Northwest (GTX 980)

The Falcon (GTX 980) Mach V is actually a monster gaming desktop machine with a high-class leading 8-core CPU and 3 Nvidia GeForce 980 GTX graphics cards in three-way SLI configuration. If you wish a system that’ll fill your 30-inch WQXGA/QHD display or multiple 1080p displays with efficiently animated 3D games set to their utmost settings, then you definitely need this gaming rig. It is the top choice of a large number of gamers across the globe. It can help you to run games efficiently at WQHD/WQXGA resolutions. However, there is a back draw of this machine and that is its 3-way SLI 980 GTX configuration isn’t fastest at lower resolutions and also its available PCI slots are blocked which means no adding of PCI cards. The Falcon Mach V comes with cutting-edge technology, top-notch performance and solid build quality to desktop gaming grid, thanks to the latest components.

5.Falcon Northwest Tiki (2014)

The 2014 Falcon Tiki is an SFF (small-form-factor) gaming desktop with a best price tag and performance to justify the price. Kitted out with a potent GTX Titan Black EVGA GeForce graphics card and an overclocked Intel i7 quad-core processor, pint-sized Tiki packs a punch & gets a little updated look with one of custom paint jobs by Falcon. One of its advantages is over-clocked Intel i7 quad-core processor and its lush paint job customizations. However, just like its most of the rival machine it also does not have enough room for upgrade and it also does not have reset button of CMOS

4.Velocity Micro Edge Z55 (2014)

The Velocity Micro Z55 eschews a showy paint job and lighting design for a stellar performance at a lower price than its competitor’s product. An overclocked Core i7 processor & dual Nvidia GeForce 780 Ti GTX graphics cards assists this desktop push boundary in our benchmark tests, and in-process chalks up another huge win for Velocity Micro. Edge Z55 at Velocity Micro is also a top choice for a gamer who has a limited budget available for gaming gear. Its compact chassis could accommodate 2 full-size Graphics cards.

3.Cyber Power Zeus Mini

You have seen plenty of compact-sized gaming desktops in last few years, as companies trying hard to convert console gamers raised on Xbox and PlayStation to PC gamers ranks. These little gaming rigs, unluckily, have normally left us wanting in terms of performance. Now, Cyber Power Zeus Mini which cost only $1,825 is here to throw all that out of the window. This very small personal computer packs a punch, with an SFF (small form factor) chassis packed with specially designed components built for utmost over-clocking and performance. There isn’t much room for maintenance and upgrades, but this is a single gaming PC that will not be showing its age anytime soon. With its moderate price, very small size and outsized performance, Zeus Mini$929.99 at Best Buy is 3rd best choice for mid-range gaming desktops. One of its advantages is that its SFF design fits almost anywhere even in the smallest places available under the table. The one single disadvantage for this machine is no expansion room for repairs or maintenance. However, Cyber Power Zeus Mini offers outsized gaming performance in a really small PC, and this console-sized desktop is very cheap affordable.

2.Origin Chronos

The Origin Chronos is a compact, high-end gaming rig that is cheaper than gaming desktops that cost equal or more than $5,000, yet matches & even surpasses those machines in performance. While it isn’t really expandable, the sheer amount of capability that Chronos PC has means that you are going to be looking at a brand new PC before you feel the requirement of adding components to this one. It has an exceptional gaming performance with 8 USB 3.0 ports. It comes with Razer keyboard and mouse which is specially designed by Origin and last but not the least, it has more space for data storage then you can imagine. However, there is a disadvantage for this outstanding gaming machine and that is it’s back getting warmer when you are playing a game with high graphics details. The compact Chronos is an ultimate high-end gaming machine available on the planet.

1.Digital Storm Coridium

Everybody wishes to be the best, particularly in PC gaming, where performance literally commands premium prices & boutique vendors race to create systems with the hottest hardware every time the latest part is released. It is a constant race to claim the title of most strong and up-to-date gaming PC, and the latest entrant is Digital Storm Coridium, a high-end, premium-priced gaming desktop that pushes the envelope further than any available system before. Advanced graphics card by AMD, dual-chip supported Radeon R9 295X2, is the latest weaponry in the ongoing fight for faster, even potent gaming rigs, and Coridium worked with two of these beasts, plus a hex-core, overclocked Intel Core i7 processor. The outcome is unmatchable powerful enough to enjoy gaming on diverse 4K monitors but as the beauty comes with a price so it costs almost $7,779 (as tested). So, if you are looking for fastest gaming rig around, and do not mind spending as much as a second-hand Toyota Corolla, Coridium is top Choice for high-end desktops of gaming.

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