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Most people read the title and say “Oh, I know all about sports safety.” Think again, if you play football, even with proper equipment, there is a HUGE chance of getting a concussion or breaking a bone. A while ago, sports equipment manufacturer, Riddell, tried to and claimed to have made a concussion-proof helmet, but biomechanics firm hired first by the NFL, and later by Riddell, to test helmets and study head injuries sent the company a report showing that no football helmet could prevent concussions.

Centennial High School’s varsity QB found out about breaking bones first hand.

That is a picture of his X-ray. The thick black lines are pins. Jordan Suydam broke his collar bone in two places. When they were doing the surgery they were wondering where part of his bone was, and later concluded it had moved.

Word has it that he will be starting physical therapy next week. But what has the team done without him? Sophomore Daniel Smith has stepped up to join varsity in his place.

Daniel Smith (#1) and Jordan Suydam (#18)

The two were already friends! But as if the position was a daughter and he wanted to ask her out he waited for the families approval (he was worried before then). After that, he was good to go!

Rumour has it that Jordan will be back in 2 weeks. But I will put that to rest! His mom says that is is not going back to football that early, although she may let him go to school.

“Even if he was to start playing again he would be a target to the others. Get him out permanently.” -Jodi Cavender (Daniel’s mom)

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