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A tour of both the O’Connor Yearbook room as well as Channel 12 makes for a fabulous day! On the morning of April 28, 2015, Hillcrest’s very own Yearbook staff loaded onto a school bus, left for the road, and would soon find themselves awaiting a very fun-filled day!

Their first stop was to Sandra Day O’Connor high school. We were greeted by the very welcoming Mr. Renning, who is the coordinator of O’Connor’s Yearbook and announcements (OCTV). Everyone at O’Connor had a smile on their face and seemed to be quite nice. Mr. Renning as well as his students each spoke a bit about the Yearbook staff as well as how things are run, and what a day in the life of being a part of the yearbook staff is like. It was very informative to hear the point of view of the students. The students made us feel welcome and even provided us with some delicious cookies.

We were even fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to observe the students producing and executing the morning announcements. They did a fabulous job! I know I was very impressed! Our visit at O’Connor went by very fast, and before we knew it, the Yearbook staff was headed towards Channel 12!

As we boarded the bus, the air was full of excitement because we were on our way to take a mini tour of Channel 12, as well as the Arizona Republic. This is where most of our time was spent on the field trip. Emily Fawcett’s mom greeted us at the door. Ms. Fawcett helped Mrs. Parrino to coordinate this field trip for us! We were very grateful.  After chatting with Ms. Fawcett for a little while, our yearbook group split into 2 groups. Half of us toured Channel 12 for about a 1/2 hour to an hour, while the other group toured the AZ Republic, and vise versa.

It was so cool to see the actual Channel 12 newsroom where the anchors report the action LIVE! We got to check out the green screen and how it is utilized to report the weather, not to mention the studio where cooking segments take place was also pretty surreal. All in all, it was an epic experience! The AZ Republic also granted us with some awesome access! We were able to hear from and ask questions to the representatives. They spoke to us about what they write about and how they come up with their next story, etc.

Check out the photos below to see an overview of Channel 12!

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All in all, it was a fabulous day and a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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