Where does your clothing come from?

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Have you ever wondered where your clothes came from before they went to the store you go them from? Probably not. About 98% of clothes sold in the U.S.A. Are made in other countries. One place where we get our clothes from is Bangladesh, Bangladesh is located in South Asia, located on the fertile Bengal delta. But recently in Bangladesh a clothing factory collapsed nearly killing 1,127 people and injuring 2,500 more! The building collapsed due to placement of illegally adding more floors with heavy machines that the building could not support.

After the major accident Bangladesh’s government closed over 20 more factories for safety precautions. The government was also thinking of raising the pay of the workers since they only get paid two dollars a day! Only two dollars! But two dollars is enough for the workers to support their families. In fact the only reason most of these people are working in unhealthy, unsafe and polluted factories are to support their families.

The government shutting down 20 different factories not only affects the workers that worked there, but it affects us too! With fewer factories our favorite stores might not get the clothes we like but the price might be higher too! Junior scholastic interviewed Katie Rowe , a sixth grader from fair field,Connecticut and asked her what she thought about this. She replied saying “raising the prices would mean fewer costumers and less production in the stores. Companies should think of ways to help factory workers stay safe” she tells them.

Well I also took upon myself to interview a student of Hillcrest Middle School named Hanna Y. “What do you think?, Hanna” I asked. “I think that it was a very devastating incident and that the owners of the company should work on keeping the workers safe.” She replied. I also asked her about if she cared where her clothes came from. She said”no,I don’t care. I will buy it if I like the style not because of the country or where it’s made.” And the final question I asked her was what percentage of your clothes do you think is from a different country? “About almost all my clothes, so at least 95%” she told me. With the factories closing that means less clothing and it means Bangladesh won’t make money and we won’t make money! That’s bad for our community because there will be less clothes and higher prices at the store!

What do you think? How will it affect you? Leave a comment below.




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