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Many topics such as football or aerospace have had camps. These camps developed the skills for youth to pursue a job in a certain topic. Well in Old Town Scottsdale, a video game design camp is being held for ages 6-14.

The camp is called, CodaKid which offers lessons in Java, game design scripting, app design, 3D Modeling and animation. The man who runs CodaKid is David Dodge who is a former video game designer. David Dodge has worked on over 30 video games for Sega and Sony. He is also the founder and software architect of Tutorware, a SaaS business software for the tutoring, test prep, and educational services industry.

Classes include mod design classes based on Minecraft where there are four levels. Besides the classes affiliating with Minecraft, there is the 3D Modeling class and the 3D Animation class. In the 3D Modeling class, students learn 3D computer design, 3D Scene Design and 3D printing via Shapeways. In the 3D Animation class, students learn to create their own animated short from start to finish, animate characters and edit keyframes.

During Friday nights, the CodaKid Code-a-Thons are held where students are challenged to create a new mod for Minecraft. The students will have two hours to complete the task while coding instructors are mentoring and instructing the students. Summer camps of CodaKid are held too in Old Town Scottsdale.


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  1. David Dodge says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for writing an article on CodaKid. If you ever had any questions for follow-up please feel to reach us anytime at our reply email. It’s great that you are gaining experience creating a blog – definitely a ‘New Economy’ skill that I spend quite a bit of time on each week.

    David Dodge, CEO

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