Too Much or Too Little Sleep Could Kill You?!?

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Your mom has always told you that you need to go to bed at a “reasonable hour,” right? And you always thought she was lame, but she could have saved your life by telling you that.

“SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!” my friend always says.

Here is a list of how the amount of sleep you get can affect you.

5- hours= Heart issues.

6-7 hours of sleep= Good health.

8+ hours= Die from all the same reasons as healthy people, just sooner.

And a list of how not sleeping can affect you.

14 hours- Most people call it a day by this time.

20 hours- At this time you start getting headaches.

26 hours- Short term memory begins around now.

30 hours- Around now some of your senses can/will start turning off randomly.

40 hours- You will start seeing ghosts at this point…just kidding… o.k. not kidding, you start to hallucinate and you can start to loose control of your arms.

64 hours- Your brain stops processing information at this point, sorry.

68 hours- If you aren’t dead by this point your body will just go into automatic shut down.

People who are sleep deprived gain up to 2 pounds a week!

Most people get depressed or have symptoms of depression when they are sleep deprived.

Now that we got through how little sleep can affect you I think it is time to tell you how too much sleep can affect you. People who sleep for 10+ hours have twice the mortality rate as people who sleep for reasonable amounts of time.

How can you get a healthy amount of sleep? Well start by sleeping 6-7 hours a night. Remember nap time from pre-k and kindergarten? Well it isn’t only for them anymore, taking a 20-30 minute nap can approve your productivity levels.

Sleep tight!



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