The Underland Chronicles – The Prologue

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2061 – Earth Decision Day

Pollution ruined our beloved Earth. Starvation extincted the animals. Greed destroyed mankind.

On July 24, 2061 the leaders of the countries of Earth came to an agreement that Earth was no longer sustainable for human life. Living on Mars was no longer an option since the Solar System’s sun was burning out. There was only one other was to save the human race. We would have to consult our ancestors, the creators of humanity, the Anuaki.

The Anuaki are well referred to as Gods, since they helped evolve the human race, but their origin is still unknown. They have traveled from the Orion galaxy to bestow knowledge onto the first of humans, and instigate the most brilliant advances in history by enlightening only the most revolutionary minds of the centuries. The Anuaki have done many great deeds for humanity, although one misdeed was done. There was a fault in their plan, unintentional to say the least. They made us monsters. Monsters obsessed with greed and power hungry. Monsters who put the needs of their own before the needs of the many. Monsters who heartlessly kill. Monsters who conquer. When it comes down to it all, it is humanity’s own fault.

The leaders spent endless days and nights trying to get through to the Anuaki. It almost felt hopeless at one point, but one night they finally responded. The leaders pleaded to the Anuaki to save us. The Anuaki couldn’t bare seeing their greatest creation be wiped out, so they agreed.

The Anuaki said they could take us to another galaxy that was close by, Andromeda, and Terra-colonize a planet for us within a few days. It seemed almost too good to be true. There was a terrible catch though. Only half the population could come. The leaders didn’t even think twice about it before they agreed. It outraged many people. The thought of leaving their family behind was unimaginable. The leaders told them they would stay then.

Since the human race has cowered from their true fate, the universe had to create something else to balance itself. An interdenominational time rift. No one know where it goes or how it came to be, but whoever goes there doesn’t come back sane enough to say what, or most importantly who, is there. Eventually, the new NASA program dropped the whole concept.

Now the fate of humanity is unknown. The planet we now live on was given the name Omega 46. There is a whole new vast of space to explore and wonder about. You could almost say it is our Wonderland.

To be continued…


Hope you enjoyed the prologue of the new short stories series Underland Chronicles! The series will have a new part to it every week or every or other week, so make sure to check back when you get the chance. The next part will start the actual story from the perspective of Ashlyn, a 10 year old girl who lives in New London on Omega 46, which will start her riveting journey to the mysterious time rift. Thank you for reading!

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