The Underland Chronicles ~ Part 3 ~ Nothing Less

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Nothing Less ~ Part 3

I was nibbling on my piece of toast when Mom turns around to look at me. She gives me a bright smile. ” Good morning, love. Did you sleep well?” she said in her heavy British accent.

Mom’s brown, curly hair was tied up in a messy bun with only a few strands of hair framing her pale face. Her light blue shirt brought out her teal eyes.

“I slept pretty well last night. I had the oddest dream though.” I took a sip of my orange juice and glanced to the Telivisor.

“Really? What happened in the dream?” Mom’s teal eyes light up with worry.

“Well,” I began. “There was the most strange creature with large, pointy ears, and fur as white as now. Its eyes were pitch black. The thing held a simple wrist watch, and the glass top had a large crack down the middle. The creature kept muttering, ‘I’m never going to be late. Never ever, no no. Not this time. Time can’t run away from me this time.’ It then make a quick dart into a few rose bushes.”

Mom nodded and her face wrinkled as she thought about it. Mom did this as a job. Listening to people and what they dream about. I believe it is called a physiologist.

“Hmm, this one seems to be a tough one. I think it means you miss your childhood and,” Mom choked a little bit. I knew what she was going to say now. “Your brother.”

Mom quickly turned back to the Telivisor. I just thought about the white creature more. I once read in a book about animals that lived on planet Earth long ago. One was called a rabbit. All the characteristics added up, except the creepy drool coming from the jaw.

I am quickly startled by the slamming of the front door. Dad is home!

I sprint to the front door and find him in a simple green tee-shirt and a pair of khaki cargo shorts. His eyes fall upon me, and his face wrinkles as he smiles. I jump into Dad’s arms for a hug. He embraces me, and then twirls me in the air.

“Hi Dad. How was space?” I blurt out once he sets me down on the ground.

“Good morning, Pumpkin. Great news! We found the continuum hole!” Dad laughs out in joy.

I smile and say the only thing that comes to mind. “I guess it’s like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.”

Author’s Note

And that is the end of Part 3! So when I went back looking at the previous articles, I bet you noticed I didn’t make a Part 1. Ha ha! Well, let’s say I didn’t do that on accident. The mysterious Part 1 will be coming out at the end of November, or the first week of December. I won’t say what it is about though. That’s the part of being an author: Leaving your readers in suspense at the end of a chapter/part/book. So keep tuning in to follow Ashlyn’s story. I promise, it will start to pick up really soon. (Always have to have an opening of some sort!)

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