The Underland Chronicles ~ Part 2 ~ The Awakening

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I laid on my left side watching beams of light stream through the window. Little dust particles flew around in the air only where the light touched. I always wonder how many are floating around? A hundred? A million? The mystery will be left unsolved.

I listen to the banging of pots and pans. That noise must be coming from the kitchen. Mom should be making breakfast.

People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I really don’t believe that rumor. All meals are important because if you didn’t eat you would die from starvation.

I swing my legs over the side of the bed and touch my feet to the carpet. Plush and soft, just the way it should be. I stand up slowly and gaze around the room. An old drawing here and there, a few novelties, like my snow globes. I was given them a long time ago when I was six years old, about four years ago. My grandmother gave them to me. She said they were from Earth when it was still a preferable place to live. It looked pretty back then compared to now. Now-a-days, it is a maximum prison planet. Never heard of that, huh?

I hobble down stairs to the kitchen where Mom is sitting at the round, glass coffee table drinking a cup of tea and watching the Televisor. A plate of bacon, scrambled eggs, orange juice, watermelon, and pills sits on the giant island in the kitchen. That would be for me.

I pop the four pills into my mouth and take a sip of orange juice. The pills never taste appealing. You’re probably wondering why I have to take these four lonesome pills at the age of ten. Well you see, I have a “special” brain condition that causes the rapid loss of cells in the brain. No, it’s not from being stupid. I’m actually quite smart, but in a mad scientist sort of way. The doctors have no idea how it is caused since this is the first time it has been seen in a very long while. Which means the cure for this is a lost cause. All the medical records from Earth have been destroyed in the Awakening.

The doctors told my parents I wouldn’t survive to adulthood.

Mom and Dad were devastated, but I’ve learned to accept my fate. Maybe after I die the doctors will name the disease after me. The Ashlyn Strayer Syndrome. Yeah, that sounds pretty good, but I’ll let them decide. I’ll let them decide…

Author’s Note

And that is the end of Part 2 of The Underland Chronicles. So now that you have become acquainted with Ashlyn, join her next week in Part 3 where her journey to Underland. Thank you for reading, and comments are always appreciated!



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