The Review of: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

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A new soul coming to Earth is nothing new anymore, the souls take over the bodies of the inhabitants of whatever world their “experiencing”, and whats left of the pure human race is dwindling. Usually when a soul takes over a body the owner fades away or is completely gone by the time they wake up, but thats not the case with Wanderer and Melanie. Wanderer wakes up in a new world and in a new body, but when Melanie wakes up she’s simply tucked away. Wanderer can’t get rid of Melanie and it becomes problematic when Melanie starts to show Wanderer her human life. Soon Wanderer and Melanie begin the journey to find their Uncle Jeb, she finds he has created an underground society. This could be the only protection that Wanderer and the rest of the human race have.

The struggle of putting two characters into one body is amazingly portrayed in The Host. These characters have two total opposite personalities, and these personalities really go together. Having such different characters as the main focus in a book is really amazing. Some can’t even pull off ¬†having two character go through a story without some kind of major clash happening. In The Host, Melanie and Wanderer fight like sisters which make the characters realistic. Any story with something relatable automatically connects with the reader which makes any story better.

This is the book cover of the amazing novel, The Host, by Stephenie Meyer.





Give it up to Meyer for maybe giving us a look into our future. Just maybe this could happen, and we would know what to do. Not many can even start to comprehend this sort of thing, just even thinking about this topic can give some a headache. So a big thanks to Stephenie Meyer for giving us the warm welcoming into the world if The Host.This is a must read for those who love action, adventure, and romance.

“It’s a strange¬†universe”-¬†Stephanie Meyer

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