The Review of: Quarantine: The Loners

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It was David Thorpe’s first day of school, everything seemed normal until the explosion happened. That’s when the teachers started dying. Soon after the explosion, the military came and quarantined McKinley High, because after the teachers started dying the adults who came in a close enough range of a teenager would face the same future of death. A year after the accident, Lethal gangs have formed and without a gang your fair game. David and his younger brother Will are without a gang so they must protect each other, but that starts to fail when the leader of the most powerful gang has a target on David’s head. Now its just David and Will against the entire school.

Quarantine is written in immense detail, and reveals what cliques in high school really mean. This also puts a twist on the life of an outsider in high school. Quarantine really shows how teenagers can really pull together and create a society. Quarantine is a balance between the end of the world and society rising up. Having teens in basically solitary confinement is just a recipe for something to go wrong. Quarantine really opens up the possibilities of what people are capable of, even at a young age.

Give it up for Thomas for giving us a look of the twisted teenage world. Could this be the future of our younger generations to come, could this happen in the near future with this generation now? These high school groups can really make us think, what would the people around us do to survive? A person will do anything to stay alive, what makes the people we know any different? Danger and fear are things that sends shivers down our spins, sweat to our brows, and shakes to our hands, that makes it even worse when there’s no way out of it. So a big thanks to Lex Thomas for opening our minds.

David never thought high school would be this hard.”- Lex Thomas

The first book in the Quarantine series, the Loners. Photo credit:


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