The Review Of: Partials by: Dan Wells

28 Feb 2016 by Mikayla Bridges, No Comments »

Society has been destroyed, a terrible war has been fought, and the human race is close to ending. The Partials are the better, stronger, and a loyal type of human upgrade. Everything coexisted together, but that was before the Isolation War. The war left the world in ruins, and that was just the start. RM, a killer virus that takes a few hours for the full effect, was then released, finishing off most of the world and only leaving a few thousand left to start the world over again. Kira is a Young medic in training, who has witnessed what the RM virus can really do to a baby. A baby hasn’t been born in 11 years, the youngest of the entire world is 14, as of right now there is no next generation to save the world. Kira has finally made the the biggest decision of her life, she’s going to cure RM. This decision won’t come without a price.

Books like this can make us consider different paths for the future of society and/or the world as we know it. Not many can give such a detailed story about a tale of a possible future. The writing not only gives a picture to the story but there is something in it that makes us feel what the characters are feeling. Kira is a very independent and self-relying character, which is refreshing in these types of books. Her personality is extremely loyal and almost optimistic, in spite of her situation. Normally, in these types of situations, characters aren’t usually hopeful. Overall, Dan’s character choice and creativity is super spontaneous and out there. Partials in general has fantastic writing and an incredible story-line.

A big thanks goes to Dan Wells for writing the book Partials, and for possibly giving us a look into the future. Without books like these, we would have nothing to imagine. So give it up for Dan Wells!

I am stronger than my trials.”- Dan Wells

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