The Review of: Paper Towns by John Green

18 Oct 2015 by Mikayla Bridges, 1 Comment »

Quentin Jacobson has his life planned out for himself, graduate high school, go to college, get a job, get married, and have kids. But Margo Roth Speigelmen has another plan for her life: go on crazy adventures and don’t have a plan at all. Quentin, or Q, has always loved the great, adventure seeking, Margo, so when she shows up asking for a get away driver for her outrageous, revenge getting plan, Q can’t say no. After an unforgettable night, Margo disappears the next day, just up and gone, no one knows where she would go. And that’s when Q starts his search for Margo Roth Speigelmen, on the way to finding her, he creates life long memories with his amazing friends in an minivan.

What can be said said about John Green that hasn’t been said before, his writing is absolutely indescribable. This is a wonderful story that should be taught to teens and adults. According to SLJ, Starred Review Paper Towns is, ” Profoundly moving.” This statement can be agreed with audiences everywhere. You really can’t go wrong reading this book, you learn so many things from the perspective of Q. Its really amazing how one person can come up with a story like this that can relate to teens everywhere. Paper Towns is one of those books that you want to finish reading but you don’t want the story to ever end.

This is by far my favorite John Green book. I love the characters so much and the sarcastic responses that are included in this story. Not only is this story meaningful but its very sarcastic and funny and will leave you laughing after reading it. I honestly think that John Green is one of the best writers because he’s goofy and sweet in his writing, which is a fantastic trait when it comes to writing books. Give this book a chance, its unbelievably good!

Here’s to John Green for creating the wonderful world of Paper Towns! This is a story that should be recommended to those who want a good read that gives them hope for their lives. Please give Paper Towns a chance!





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” The rules of capitalization are so unfair to the words in the middle of the sentence.” - Margo Roth Speigelmen

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  1. Sofia Munoz says:

    I love this book as well. It’s well written, funny, and just plain out great! You will love this book like Mikayla and I do.

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