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It started off as a normal day for Dean and his younger brother Alex, but that was before the superstorm and chemical spill. When fourteen kids are locked in a superstore away from the chaos on the outside, more problems occur. Six high school students must find a way to live in the store with the children, without losing what little piece of civilization they have left. With chaos all around them, these kids must put their differences aside and find a way back to their parents, but that’s easier said than done. These kids must find a way to preserve life as they know it, but everything comes to an end.

Laybourne has outdone herself with choosing the characters for Monument 14. In this book, you end up with 14 totally distinct personalities yet they all contribute to one main goal of survival.  In Monument 14 you have the basic personalities of the star athlete, popular girl, the bully, the outcast, the computer genius, the rebellious girl, the sweet one, and the one that really doesn’t fit in. Even with these differences, they are all combined together to create one amazing story. It takes real talent to take so many different things (especially people) and still create a meaningful story with out losing focus on the main idea.

Monument 14 deserves a 10/10 rating. This story is one of the few I would recommend. Give it up to Emmy Laybourne for letting us see what our future might hold. Maybe all we need to survive is a person we can trust with complete faith. Laybourne’s Monument 14 has showed us what outworld might come to and maybe this is the only way for us as people to survive together.So a big thank you goes out to Emmy Laybourne for creating Monument 14 and demonstrating teamwork in an amazing way.

But it’s hard to take care of someone who doesn’t want or really need your help.” – Emmy Laybourne

The first book in the Monument 14 series. Photo credit:


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