The Review of: H2O by Virginia Bergin

3 Dec 2015 by Mikayla Bridges, No Comments »

It all started when an asteroid was hurtling towards Earth, but luckily it was destroyed right before it was about to hit Earth. For years, everything was fine with no problems, the world seemed to forget about what happened. That was before the rain came. It turns out that when the asteroid was destroyed, the particles ended up in our atmosphere for awhile until it finally became to much. 27% represents the population that is still alive after the rain, Ruby is considered to be apart of that “lucky” number. But that number could mean that her father and her brother are gone, so will Ruby risk it to go find them or will she stay where she hopes is safe? Water is one of the most important things that is needed for any species, so what would you do if you found out that one of the things that is needed for survival is toxic and the supply of clean water is almost gone? Ruby has to go through this all alone with no one to rely on.

In this book, Ruby is a very independent main character even when she’s with someone (which doesn’t happen often). Not many books have characters like this anymore, most of them have some sort of companion with them through the entire book. Now, with H2O, Ruby has a few people she travels with, but they usually don’t stay for long, its really only for a couple of chapters. This writing diversity really helps the reader experience something new.

In my opinion, this is a good book for everyone, it has action and sarcastic comments, what more can you ask for in a book! Ruby is just a girl trying to keep herself sane while the rest of the world is losing it. Could you imagine going through the end of the world all on your on, with no one to guide you? I think that book is trying to teach readers that even when something bad happens its okay to fall apart as long as you put yourself back together afterwards.

Three cheers for H2O, for teaching us that even after our world falls apart we can still be alright in the end. Please look into H2O, you won’t regret it!

H2O. Its drippy. Its deadly”- Ruby Morison


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