The Review of: End Of Days by Eric Walters

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What does it mean when the world’s most important scientists all die within the same year? These so-called “deaths” have the families and the world wondering, what’s happening? As these important and completely different ¬†people gather they have one common goal, how do we stop an asteroid from colliding with Earth? But when Billy is recruited to be apart of a project to save the world, the game changes. It’s no longer about if the world is ending its about when and how to save the life that Earth has provided a home to. Can Billy save the human race or will he end up helping with its destruction.

The end of the world, that’s what this book is about, but it’s not a bad thing in End Of Days it seen as more of an opportunity. The science in this book is amazingly explained, so while reading its easy to follow along with what these people are saying. The world of End of Days gives a new look into what we would call The End but what they would call The Beginning. In this book, once the world finds out about the asteroid society falls apart at the seams. Everywhere people causing anarchy, because when its the end of the world why follow the laws?

This book can be classified with The Greats. Would this world react to the end of the world like the book or would we keep going even if we knew the end was written in stone? I honestly love this book because reading about this lets me see how people interpret the world. When the characters are describe I see kids trying to be adult enough to save the world, maybe thats what it always comes too; the kids. do you think thats what our world would do or would we have a better solution?

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Three cheers for Eric Walters for creating the world of End of Days. Not many can write about this topic without just focusing on the bad things, but Walters gives us the positive side of things. So a big thanks goes to Eric Walters!

Perhaps we should mark this as the¬†beginning of the beginning, rather than the announcement of the end.” – Dr. Hay

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