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Stereotypes have a strong negative effect on everyone’s’ lives. Whether it’s based on race, gender, religion, sexuality, or anything else, stereotypes are offensive and generally wrong. In order to spread awareness about the “categories” that people today are put into, the Instagram account @snowflake.sam decided to do something about it.

This eighth grader artist, Instagramer, and self-proclaimed “sarcastic internet personality” started her account four and a half months ago and has 630+ followers. Three days ago, she started the #stereotypeproject, where you draw someone verbally defying a stereotype they fit into. The hashtag already has a whopping 400 (and counting) entries. People from all around the world are entering photos and expressing their feelings about stereotypes.

Below is a link to Rachel’s original drawing that kicked off the project:


I DMed (direct messaged) Rachel, the mastermind behind @snowflake.sam about her #stereotypeproject and asked permission to write this article along with some questions.

Me: What inspired you to start the project?

Rachel: Basically I’d seen how sexualities were stereotyped (that’s what it was originally about) and I was getting annoyed. I’ve been very politically involved for a while and I’m very outspoken about social injustices, so I worked from there.

Me: What is the project all about?

Rachel: It’s about, simply making young people like us aware of the stereotypes we are facing in society and how to overcome them.

Me: Why do you think that so many people are participating and adding their art to the hashtag?

Rachel: I think the project is making people realize how important this is, so they want to contribute to show support for the cause as well as get out some of the anger they’re feeling over how society portrays others.

By creating the #stereotypeproject, Rachel has shown the Internet a new way to show that they will not stand for stereotypes ruling their lives and causing discrimination. Though it started out as being for stereotyped sexualities, the project has evolved to overcoming stereotypes about race, religion, age, beliefs, disorders, personalities, and every other area of life, because they all have prominent stereotypes. Rachel has used @snowflake.sam to make a difference, despite her young age and the fact that she’s barely met any of the people participating in the project and has proven stereotypes wrong right and left.

To see the project entries, go to http://www.oninstagram.com/stereotypeproject

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