Scientists Acquired 2 Proteins That Could Help “Stomp Out” Cancer.

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Researchers in Israeli discovered a “Jekyll and Hyde” protein, which is long-linked to causing diseases such as cancer. It is even able to stop it spreading in the human body. Another protein that they discovered is called P50. It has been linked in studies to a handful of different kinds of cancer; however, the scientists have also found that P50 has the opposite effect –  it greatly slows the production of cancerous cells.

Professor. Aaron Ciechanover( or Professor C for short) says this, ” The P50 protein is quite reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Professor C also says that before it could cause cancer, P50 has to be conjoined with another protein known as P65.




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” We found that when there is an over-expression of the protein P50, it has nothing to hook up to, and it thus hooks up to itself. When that happens, the protein “changes its spots” and starts suppressing the growth of cancerous cells”  said Professor C.

The new research was done in Professor C’s lab at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology, which is led by Dr. Yelena Kravtsova-Ivantsiv, and was published in the journal,” Cell”. During the research, they found that yet another protein called KPC1, proved its worth in suppressing the growth of cancer cells. It is also involved in producing P50in the human body.  Hopefully, they can analyze the proteins and that they can be put to the test in silencing the growth of the cancer cells.

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