Road Trip Boredom Busters

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Don’t you ever hate those days when your family is on a road trip, and you feel bored out of your mind? Do you wonder if there is anything fun and exciting you could do for a long period of time? There are ways you can have fun without making the trip seem like an eternity.

1) Sleep: That may seem a bit overrated, but sleeping will keep your mind fresh, and it is the easiest way to pass over long periods of time. Make sure you are comfortable first, and you can do this by bringing a pillow to rest on.

2) Listen to Music: If you have an iPod or anything that you can listen to your favorite songs on, feel free to take out your device and listen to music. Make sure your device is fully charged!

3) Read a Book: If you have a book report due soon, or you just want to crack open a good book, then this is one of the perfect ways to keep yourself occupied. If you choose a page-turner, you will most likely be so into the book you can’t peel your eyes off, and this can distract you from wondering how much time you’ll have until you reach your destination.

4) Watch a Movie: If you have a DVD player in your car or a portable one, you can bring a movie that you haven’t had time to watch, or you can bring one of your favorites.

5) Play a Game: Bring a deck of cards, a crossword book, checkers, you name it! If you don’t feel like overpacking your bag with books and games, you can play a license plate game. Use a pencil or pen, take out a piece of paper, and tally the number of license plates you see from different states.

I hope these are some fun ways to help keep yourself occupied!

Here are some extra tips:

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