Plate Tectonics

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Why do we have earthquakes? Is it because the Earth snores? No, It’s because plate tectonics move around above the Earth’s mantle. Ever wounder how mountains were created? How about Volcanoes? You will learn all about the Earth tearing its self apart.

Let’s go to Pangea, where all of the land was connected. Pangea is a hypothetical idea that all of the land once was joined together about 300 to 200 million years ago. To get where the continents are today, they had to have moved.

Plate tectonics are pieces of the Earth that glide above the mantle. This theory was by Alfred Wegener. He tried to convince the scientist because he noticed South America and Africa fit together. He died before collecting more evidence, but Harry Hess proved he was right. For example, in North America and Europe, there are rock layers that are the same. The only way they could have been exact is they had to have been in the same temperature and weather.

There are three different ways plate tectonics can move.

1.They pull away from each other

2. They collide

3. They grid together.

When plate tectonics pull away from each other, they create an ocean ridge. This is where submarine volcanoes can erupt. When the plates move apart in one spot, in another, their crashing into each other. That’s how mountain are formed. But they aren’t always formed when two plates crash into each other. Sometimes, one of the plates will go beneath the other. When it’s in the mantle, it will then melt. Then there are times where two plates will grind together. This is how earthquakes happen. When the plates grid together, they may get “stuck”. Pressure builds up until it all releases creating an earthquake. If there is an earthquake in the ocean, there is a chance of a tsunami.

Every day, there are at least 50 earthquakes and an estimated 20,000 earthquakes happen every year along with 2 tsunamis. Some earthquakes we can’t feel because they are too deep in the mantle.

You may not feel it but the tectonic plates are consistently moving, slowly. Before you know it, the land will be connected again.

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