25 Aug

NJHS back to school drive

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is sponsoring a back to school drive. All academic, exploratory and PE teachers should have a collection bin in their classroom. Hillcrest needs: hand sanitizer, markers, #2 pencils, colored pencils, 2-pocket folders, tab dividers, highlighters, tissues, college ruled paper and copy paper.

The entire Hillcrest community is encouraged to donate to ensure students have needed supplies. Neighbors who do not have students enrolled at the school can drop off donations in the front office.

21 Aug

New exoplanets found

NASA has discovered hundreds of exoplanets! One of the more recent I called Kepler-78b. This planet, about the size of earth, is 700 light years away, and in case you don’t know: one light year is the distance light travels in one earth year. A little under a billion years old Kepler-78b is so close to its star(Kelper-78) that it’s year is only 8 1/2 hours long! Also because of the closeness the planets surface is boiling lava with a temperature of about 8,700 degrees Fahrenheit.  The atmosphere, if it even has one, is most likely vaporized metals and rocks. Kepler-78b is locked in obit like are moon, so one side is always facing its star. With this we know that the other side is of the planet is cooler yet still will be an ocean of lava.

This is important for us to know about planets like Kepler-78b because we are either going to be the generation that visits these types of planet or lead the one who does.

11 Aug

Sprouts opens to the masses

Tonight was a busy night for Sprouts Farmers Market, which opened this Wednesday and by evidence of a quick trip for hamburger buns and skinless chicken breasts, it appears to be a hit with the community.

Taking only one half of the previous occupier, Bashas, there is still a large realtor sign on the North side of the main building. Looking inside, however, Sprouts has effectively laid everything out with easy to read signage. Most aisles were very low, so sight was not difficult, especially for a new shopper in their attempts to find the items on their grocery list.

As far as the much-needed hamburger buns, it was very disappointing to find only one brand, one type (though it was freshly baked by Sprouts). It would be expected to see a few different kinds of hamburger or hot dog buns, being a specialty store.

One thing that makes Sprouts stand out from most major grocery chains are the relatively small size of the shopping carts, which make them much easier to maneuver. This can be a plus, since most shoppers come to Sprouts for the extra items they may not find at other stores or the fact that this isn’t a Costco or Sam’s Club experience.

The Hillcrest community has needed a major occupier for the corner of 67th avenue and Deer Valley for a few years. Sprouts seems like a good choice and offers a selection of specialty/diet items for residents, eliminating the need to travel far.




6 Aug

The frenzy of schedule pickups

7th and 8th grade students brought their patents to the Hillcrest cafeteria to pick up their class schedule, get bus information, order a yearbook, and learned about other important back-to-school procedures.

Hundreds of people waited outside, hoping that the rain clouds held up until the doors opened. The physical education department sold PE uniforms, athletics were handing out sports physical packets, and the Parent Action Team (PAT) were recruiting for parent volunteers.

The newest booth was occupied by HMSTV/TheDigitalNest, recruiting writers and crew members for our news team!


6 Aug

New students, new campus

Over 300 new students to Hillcrest attended the annual back-to-school orientation. Every feeder school was represented and some students are coming to Hillcrest from out of state.

A campus tour, STEM challenge, open gym, and pizza were just some of the events held this morning.

Welcome to Hillcrest Middle School!





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