21 Sep

DVUSD Board Meeting 9/10/13

On September 10th, Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) held a board meeting to consider future improvements to all schools in the district. They informed the public about the following items: awards, achievements, and presentations.

Their achievements and awards acknowledged included DVUSD donating 500 backpacks filled with school supplies to under-served kids, the Tony Komadina Outstanding Athletic Program for Girls Award given to Mountain Ridge High School, and awards for perfect AIMS scores, including Hillcrest Middle School student, Nathaniel Rodriguez for a perfect score on the writing portion.

Their presentations included, Administrative office evaluation, early education, and Common Core curriculum. Currently, the Arizona Department of Education does not know which kinds of tests (multi-choice, writing, fill in the blanks, etc.) will be used to measure Common Core standards. Since AIMS will be fading away in the 2013~2014 school year, this is concerning for all teachers and board members. For complete board meeting audio, go to http://dvusd.org/Page/6515 to hear the complete meetings.

20 Sep

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

Scrumptious Italian restaurant Oregano’s Pizza Bistro is coming to the West Valley! This will be the twelfth location in the Valley but the first in the West Valley. This delightful food joint will be located on 67th Avenue and Bell Road in the Arrowhead area of Glendale. The opening date was set in early August, but as of September 16th the opening date still hasn’t been released.

Oregano’s will be taking over the building formerly occupied by Joey’s of Chicago. When asked why they didn’t want to continue to rent the space, Tammie and Joe Ragen (Joey’s owners) said, “We wanted something that was smaller, intimate, more cozy.” When the Ragens notified their landlord they weren’t staying, Mark Russell (CEO of Oregano’s Pizza Bistro) was eager to move in. News of the new location was announced early this year and the reconstruction began immediately. In mid August, they starting hiring. Mark and his team worked as fast as they could to please all of their anxious customers.

Going to Oregano’s makes you think of the 1950-60s. Even the website has catchy music that you can’t stop dancing to. Their website is very entertaining and with every tab comes a new adventure. Whether it’s music, videos, or interactive menus Oregano’s does it all! The website makes you even more anxious for the opening date.

Oregano’s serves delicious Italian food with desserts that will make you cry when they’re gone! They offer a variety of mouth-watering foods that will make you never want to leave including: soups,wings,salads, sandwiches, pizza, and pasta.  This restaurant has something for everyone in the family!

Oregano’s is most well known for their pizza cookies. A pizza cookie is a half pound of chocolate chip, peanut butter, chocolate, or white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough topped with three huge scoops of vanilla bean ice-cream! Just the thought of this makes your mouth tingle! These are a must-have at the end of your meal!

Too hard to wait for the Glendale location to open? Oregano’s has 11 other locations in Arizona! For more information, the menu, locations, and more visit: http://www.oreganos.com

20 Sep

Mountain shrinks!

In 1952 North America’s tallest mountain was measured and it stood at 23,320 feet tall! But as of last year it measured at 20,237 feet! Did it really shrink? No, we have started to use a new system using a Doppler radar. By 2016 the project will produce 11,000 new maps of the 49th state (Alaska).

“That’s 83 feet shorter than we thought,” Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell said in a statement. She made the announcement recently at a symposium of the International Map Collectors’ Society in Anchorage.

The height doesn’t matter to the climbers though!

“It’s hard to climb, and the air is just as thin,” mountaineer Stan Justice

“It’s still high, it’s still hard, it’s still cold,” climber Nick Parker.  “As long as it’s higher than Texas, I don’t care.”

And still hundreds of feet ahead of Canada. That’s where North America’s second-tallest peak, Mount Logan at 19,551 feet stands.

83 feet shorter!

Check out the original story at : http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/12/us/mount-mckinley-shrinks/index.html?hpt=us_t2




19 Sep

Mr. Whistle turns 70

Everyone’s favorite school monitor, Mr. John Holub, aka Mr. Whistle celebrated his 70th birthday with students and staff at Hillcrest Middle School.

This is Mr. Whistle’s 14th year at Hillcrest and there’s no retirement plans! After serving 26 years in the United States Air Force Reserves, and a couple of different jobs, including the US Post Office, he found his current home as a Falcon. Mr. Whistle loves to talk technology and is always learning new things on his computer and iPad.

One thing that makes him stand out is his rapping. Mr. Whistle will bust a rhyme for students upon request and is never shy when it comes to grabbing a mic. “I love his rapping” confesses seventh grader, Paige Grieme.

Seventh grader, Joe Black, says that Mr. Whistle is “scarily cool”, while Seventh grader, Bahra Solaka, speaks for the entire Hillcrest Middle School family in saying “Happy Birthday and many more to come, Mr. Awesome!”

20130919-140645.jpgPhoto by Jeff Herold

19 Sep

Morning announcements at school

Morning announcements can be very important at schools. An eighth grader from Hillcrest Middle School said “morning announcements are very helpful!”. For example, if tomorrow was picture day and you didn’t know then you would hear it from the announcements and you’d know for the next day. Parents and teachers should always remind and tell the students to listen to the announcements.

Listening to the announcements could affect a student’s environment or future learning, because one day there could be a class room change for a student’s teacher and they could in trouble and miss out on what they are supposed to do. Lastly if you’re a new student or you were absent the day before then you need to listen to announcements very closely to get the information that you need, because of days you missed other students might have gotten handouts about what’s going on throughout the week.


Izabela Da Silva and Griffin Besore announcing the news.

Photo taken by Tara Ceschia.


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