3 Dec

The Review of: H2O by Virginia Bergin

It all started when an asteroid was hurtling towards Earth, but luckily it was destroyed right before it was about to hit Earth. For years, everything was fine with no problems, the world seemed to forget about what happened. That was before the rain came. It turns out that when the asteroid was destroyed, the particles ended up in our atmosphere for awhile until it finally became to much. 27% represents the population that is still alive after the rain, Ruby is considered to be apart of that “lucky” number. But that number could mean that her father and her brother are gone, so will Ruby risk it to go find them or will she stay where she hopes is safe? Water is one of the most important things that is needed for any species, so what would you do if you found out that one of the things that is needed for survival is toxic and the supply of clean water is almost gone? Ruby has to go through this all alone with no one to rely on.

In this book, Ruby is a very independent main character even when she’s with someone (which doesn’t happen often). Not many books have characters like this anymore, most of them have some sort of companion with them through the entire book. Now, with H2O, Ruby has a few people she travels with, but they usually don’t stay for long, its really only for a couple of chapters. This writing diversity really helps the reader experience something new.

In my opinion, this is a good book for everyone, it has action and sarcastic comments, what more can you ask for in a book! Ruby is just a girl trying to keep herself sane while the rest of the world is losing it. Could you imagine going through the end of the world all on your on, with no one to guide you? I think that book is trying to teach readers that even when something bad happens its okay to fall apart as long as you put yourself back together afterwards.

Three cheers for H2O, for teaching us that even after our world falls apart we can still be alright in the end. Please look into H2O, you won’t regret it!

H2O. Its drippy. Its deadly”- Ruby Morison


3 Dec

The Review of: Famous Last Words by Katie Alender

After the death of her father Willa has never been the same. So when her mom gets remarried to a typical Hollywood director, her life flips completely upside down. Willa doesn’t know what to do, on the inside she thinks she might be going insane, but she has to stay strong on the outside for her mother. After contemplating whether or not she’s going crazy in her new house, she has to start at a new school, pretending nothing is wrong and everything is completely perfect. On the upside, Willa is befriended by Marnie, the one of the school’s most popular girls, aka one of the most dramatic people. And then there’s Wyatt, the school’s infamous obsessive freak. Willa and Wyatt truly make an odd team, but Wyatt helps Willa with her “strange occurrences” and Willa helps solve the murders in Hollywood that have been going on. Could Willa really be seeing ghosts, or could she just be feeling guilty about something else and just trying to distract herself? Is the Hollywood killer somehow connected to her?

A good ghost story in general is hard to find, so combining it in a young-adult murder mystery and it turning out to be really good is basically a slim to none chance. It’s amazing how a person can put these two different things together and still have the storyline flow fluently. The way Alender came of with a character like Willa is incredible, here you have a character having her whole world flipped upside down and nothing going right, the way Alender has Willa deal with these problems is inspiring. While dealing with ghosts and a serial killer, Willa still tries to keep a normal high school student life. Even making Willa and Wyatt a team is really risky, because her you have to totally different kids: one is just trying to fit in and being normal and the other has gotten rid of the idea of being normal because of an “obsession”. Not many can put these personalities together. Characters like this don’t come around often.

So thank you Katie Alender for creating characters like Willa and Wyatt. It really is astonishing how someone can come up with an entirely different world. Three cheers for Ms. Katie Alender!


Maybe its human nature to be drawn to the things that have hurt us most.” – Katie Alender

18 Nov

The Tasmanian Devils Develop A Shocking Disease

On the island of Tasmania, a strange disease was killing the Tasmanian devil’s on the island. A zoologist named Menna Jones was used to hearing animals screech very loudly in the night, but there was a reason why they were. Tasmanian devil’s began to develop immense lumps that swelled on the animal’s neck and face. This deadly disease prevented the mammal from eating or drinking anything, so these poor animals would suffer a slow and dreadful death. Photographers and zoologists began to see these animals with facial tumors. No one had thought that a dangerous disease was spreading across Menna Jones, the zoologist’s, study site. They began to realize that this was a deadly, fast spreading disease when Tasmanian devil’s began dying at Jones’ site in 2001.

“That was the first indication that we had a devastating disease in our midst.” Menna Jones states. No one could find a cure for the shocking disease, and by the start of 2001, 90% of the Tasmanian devil population had vanished because of this epidemic. This disease can spread to other Tasmanian devil’s when one animal that has not been infected bites another with DFTD (Deadly Facial Tumor Disease) and the tumor cells can spread to the healthy Tasmanian devil through cuts or scrapes in the animals mouth. The animal is now prone to dying in a few months. Zoologists have been breeding the Tasmanian devil’s to make sure these animals live on and don’t become endangered. Experts are keeping these animals at an Australian zoo to ensure that they do not become extinct. Hopefully this shocking, deadly disease will vanish and the Tasmanian devils will soon be roaming free in the wild again.

18 Nov

Plate Tectonics

Why do we have earthquakes? Is it because the Earth snores? No, It’s because plate tectonics move around above the Earth’s mantle. Ever wounder how mountains were created? How about Volcanoes? You will learn all about the Earth tearing its self apart.

Let’s go to Pangea, where all of the land was connected. Pangea is a hypothetical idea that all of the land once was joined together about 300 to 200 million years ago. To get where the continents are today, they had to have moved.

Plate tectonics are pieces of the Earth that glide above the mantle. This theory was by Alfred Wegener. He tried to convince the scientist because he noticed South America and Africa fit together. He died before collecting more evidence, but Harry Hess proved he was right. For example, in North America and Europe, there are rock layers that are the same. The only way they could have been exact is they had to have been in the same temperature and weather.

There are three different ways plate tectonics can move.

1.They pull away from each other

2. They collide

3. They grid together.

When plate tectonics pull away from each other, they create an ocean ridge. This is where submarine volcanoes can erupt. When the plates move apart in one spot, in another, their crashing into each other. That’s how mountain are formed. But they aren’t always formed when two plates crash into each other. Sometimes, one of the plates will go beneath the other. When it’s in the mantle, it will then melt. Then there are times where two plates will grind together. This is how earthquakes happen. When the plates grid together, they may get “stuck”. Pressure builds up until it all releases creating an earthquake. If there is an earthquake in the ocean, there is a chance of a tsunami.

Every day, there are at least 50 earthquakes and an estimated 20,000 earthquakes happen every year along with 2 tsunamis. Some earthquakes we can’t feel because they are too deep in the mantle.

You may not feel it but the tectonic plates are consistently moving, slowly. Before you know it, the land will be connected again.

18 Nov

The Review of: End Of Days by Eric Walters

What does it mean when the world’s most important scientists all die within the same year? These so-called “deaths” have the families and the world wondering, what’s happening? As these important and completely different  people gather they have one common goal, how do we stop an asteroid from colliding with Earth? But when Billy is recruited to be apart of a project to save the world, the game changes. It’s no longer about if the world is ending its about when and how to save the life that Earth has provided a home to. Can Billy save the human race or will he end up helping with its destruction.

The end of the world, that’s what this book is about, but it’s not a bad thing in End Of Days it seen as more of an opportunity. The science in this book is amazingly explained, so while reading its easy to follow along with what these people are saying. The world of End of Days gives a new look into what we would call The End but what they would call The Beginning. In this book, once the world finds out about the asteroid society falls apart at the seams. Everywhere people causing anarchy, because when its the end of the world why follow the laws?

This book can be classified with The Greats. Would this world react to the end of the world like the book or would we keep going even if we knew the end was written in stone? I honestly love this book because reading about this lets me see how people interpret the world. When the characters are describe I see kids trying to be adult enough to save the world, maybe thats what it always comes too; the kids. do you think thats what our world would do or would we have a better solution?

Cover for ‘End of Days’ by Eric Walters. Image from ericwalters.net


Three cheers for Eric Walters for creating the world of End of Days. Not many can write about this topic without just focusing on the bad things, but Walters gives us the positive side of things. So a big thanks goes to Eric Walters!

Perhaps we should mark this as the beginning of the beginning, rather than the announcement of the end.” – Dr. Hay

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