19 Mar

The Review of: Quarantine: The Loners

It was David Thorpe’s first day of school, everything seemed normal until the explosion happened. That’s when the teachers started dying. Soon after the explosion, the military came and quarantined McKinley High, because after the teachers started dying the adults who came in a close enough range of a teenager would face the same future of death. A year after the accident, Lethal gangs have formed and without a gang your fair game. David and his younger brother Will are without a gang so they must protect each other, but that starts to fail when the leader of the most powerful gang has a target on David’s head. Now its just David and Will against the entire school.

Quarantine is written in immense detail, and reveals what cliques in high school really mean. This also puts a twist on the life of an outsider in high school. Quarantine really shows how teenagers can really pull together and create a society. Quarantine is a balance between the end of the world and society rising up. Having teens in basically solitary confinement is just a recipe for something to go wrong. Quarantine really opens up the possibilities of what people are capable of, even at a young age.

Give it up for Thomas for giving us a look of the twisted teenage world. Could this be the future of our younger generations to come, could this happen in the near future with this generation now? These high school groups can really make us think, what would the people around us do to survive? A person will do anything to stay alive, what makes the people we know any different? Danger and fear are things that sends shivers down our spins, sweat to our brows, and shakes to our hands, that makes it even worse when there’s no way out of it. So a big thanks to Lex Thomas for opening our minds.

David never thought high school would be this hard.”- Lex Thomas

The first book in the Quarantine series, the Loners. Photo credit: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12620969-the-loners


16 Mar

Forza 6- The Latest Racing Simulator Yet!

An Audi R18 24Hours of LeMans car(foreground) racing a BMW Z4 GT3 (background) at night. Photo Courtesy of http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2015/06/forza-motorsport-6-getting-dark-and-wet-in-a-world-first-hands-on/

Hello people of the internet! Today I was hoping to talk to you about something that I love. When I say love, I mean I live it and breathe it. That love is racing simulators. Whether they be large scale or not known at all to the general public, I’m all for giving them a shot. My personal favorite is the Forza franchise, and I’ll tell you why- the brutal simplicity. Their newest game, Forza 6, is celebrating it’s 1st anniversary in September, and I went nuts over that game. For that year, I’ve been going from Walmart to Walmart, Target to Target, and GameStop to GameStop (because I’m too poor to buy an Xbox One) practicing my racing lines and pushing the demo version to its limits. This brings on what I wrote this article for… my thoughts and opinions on the overall game.

The vinyl selection menu. Still the same as in Forza 4, published in 2011. Photo Courtesy of http://www.windowscentral.com/forza-6-how-get-and-apply-custom-decals

Overall, I adore this game. Approximately 1,150 hours and counting of my time has gone into Forza 4. Turn 10’s development team has been busy, updating the graphics, sound quality, cars, all new 24-car multiplayer lobbies, and new racing modes like rain and night. In those respects, I commend you Forza. However, there are other aspects that aren’t that great. The menus, for example, are slow, and remind me of an odd variant of abstract art. The number of tracks is decent, but needs improvement. The paint booth has the exact same options as Forza 5, which came out nearly 3 years ago. Honestly, the game’s logo could use some revamping and sometimes the steering system wont steer at all, sending you spinning uncontrollably into, say a billboard on the side of the track, or a group of racing fans (not actual people, thank goodness). Forza has been good about this in their past games, putting out updates to their games to fix problems, and so far the 6th chapter is no exception. The developers still push out their monthly add-on packs as promised, but some of the most pressing problems have remained untouched.

In a small wrap-up, the latest addition to the Forza franchise is that, an addition. Yes, the overall aspects of the game have improved, but to be brutally honest, I don’t feel like there’s anything special that this game has to offer. So Turn 10 and Microsoft, if you’re reading this, step it up. You made a great game, but don’t get caught up in your success. Focus more on the community and what problems need to be fixed, not putting out 10 cars every month. But hey, Forza Horizon 3’s coming out at E3 in just six short months, and Forza 7 at next year’s E3. Maybe those will be different. Thanks for your time and attention.


-Kyle Tamulewicz

6 Mar

A True Hero of the Animals in Japan


`             In 2011 one of the world’s largest earthquakes hit Japan. As recorded by seismologist’s it was a 9.1 earthquake. The earthquake not only destroyed towns and cities it also destroyed Japans nuclear plant, releasing radiation in the entire city. This caused people to flee not even thinking twice about their loved things and even animals! So this was now a ghost town with no humans living within about 10 to 20 miles from the accident. Except one man named Naoto thought of more than just himself, he thought of all the animals that were going to die because of not being fed and the radiation. So he made a decision to go back and feed the animals and take care of them. Not only was this man risking his health he was also risking his life. When he went back, he went into a huge barn, just to find 100 cows lying dead on the floor from the radiation being trapped in the barn, it killed every last one of them. However when he went back he also saw a mother cat with her healthy kittens around her.

He also cared for many other animals like boar, pigs, horses, birds, and cats.

Naoto also found a dog who survived a year and a half locked up in a barn. This dog survived off of the dead flesh of the cattle in the huge barn. Naoto then named him Kiseki (miracle in English). He named him this because 2 months after they found the dog he already had most of his fur back. Kiseki is an amazing dog who is now owned and cared by Naoto.


He is a true hero! Naoto has been feeding these animals for a long time. He has even cared for cattle.

Naoto is officially the only man in the contaminated area and he refuses to ever leave the land. He knows what radiation can do to him, but after doing some research, scientists told Naoto that the radiation won’t affect him until about 30 or 40 years from now. As Naoto said “They also told me that I wouldn’t get sick for 30 or 40 years. I’ll most likely be dead by then anyway, so I couldn’t care less”.

Naoto even trained, fed, and took care of the wonderful dogs too! Naoto exclaimed “Everyone in town left thinking they would be back home in a week or so, I guess. From then on, I fed all the cats and dogs every day”.


 He also took care of the strangest animals too! Like an Ostridge!

            Naoto relies on donations from the public to help him with buying food. He has dedicated his life to saving and protecting these animals. Naoto will stay there with the animals, until the day he dies. He is a true hero and the saying is right, not all heroes wear capes. Go to this link if you would like to donate: http://naotomatsumura.weebly.com/

6 Mar

Advice Column #1

Advice #1: Don’t start an advice column if you have no one to give advice to.

2 Mar

Throwback Thursday: A few things that happened in 1976

40 years ago, some amazing things that happened in our modern culture took place. Here is a list that describes some of the most relevant ones.

1. Apple Computer Company (Apple) is created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1st, 1976

Old Apple Logo

Picture courtesy of Apple Computer Company




2. America celebrates its Bicentennial ( 200’th birthday) on the 4th of July of 1976

American Bicentennial

Picture Credits: en.wikipedia.org



3. As part of the United States Bicentennial celebration, the 2-dollar bill was reintroduced as a Federal Reserve Note by the United States Treasury Department on Thomas Jefferson’s 233rd birthday on April 13, 1976.

4.  The song that won Best Rock LP was “Hotel California by The Eagles”.

5. On July 20, 1976, the Viking 1 lander landed on Mars.

Viking 1 lands on Mars

Picture Credits: http://firststreetconfidential.com/index.history.0720.html


6.  Super Bowl X: The Dallas Cowboys are conquered by The Pittsburgh Steelers at the Orange Bowl located in Miami, Florida on January 18, 1976

Super Bowl X

Picture Credits: mghelmets.com



7.  On August 7, 1976, the spacecraft Viking 2 enters Mars’ orbit

8.  As one of the candidates of the 1976 Presidential Election, Jimmy Carter was nominated for U.S. President at the Democratic National Convention located in New York City

Jimmy Carter Poster

Picture Credits: http://carlanthonyonline.com/2012/09/10/jimmy-carters-green-country-branded-1976-campaign-song/


9.   The space shuttle Enterprise is showcased when it is rolled out of a hangar at Palmdale, California

10. The very first sea creature know as the “megamouth” shark is spotted on the island of Oahu in Hawaii

Megamouth Shark 1976

Picture Credits: mentalfloss.com




Those were just 10 of some of the amazing things that happened on the year of 1976. As we look back 4 decades ago, we can only just imagine how much our world has evolved in a variety of ways. Let us hope that this year will be like no other.  If you want to learn more stuff about what happened in 1976, go to  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1976_in_the_United_States   to find out more.

Thank you for reading this article, if you liked this, please be kind as to leave a comment!


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