NFL In Minutes: Regular Season Week 2

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Welcome to NFL In Minutes!!!! As always, we’ll start with my predictions from week 2.

Steelers @ Ravens (Wrong)

Dolphins @ Bills (Right)

Jaguars @ Redskins (Wrong)

Cowboys @ Titans (Right)

Cardinals @ Giants (Right)

Patriots @ Vikings (Right)

Saints @ Browns (Wrong)

Falcons @ Bengals (Right)

Lions @ Panthers (Right)

Rams @ Buccaneers (Right)

Seahawks @ Chargers (Right)

Texans @ Raiders (Wrong)

Jets @ Packers (Right)

Chiefs @ Broncos (Right)

Bears @ 49ers (Wrong)

Eagles @ Colts (Wrong)

Next is the part of the article where winners and losers of the previous week are discussed. This week, we have 2 winners and 1 loser. Check it out!!!!


San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers: Rivers had a great game on Sunday when he led the Chargers to a 30-21 victory over the #1 ranked defense in the league, the Seattle Seahawks. Philip Rivers threw for an impressive 3 touchdowns and only got sacked once. He was quick on his feet and with his decision making. He completed 28 passes for 284 total yards averaging out to just over 10 yards a pass. If Rivers keeps playing like this, we might see the Chargers in future playoff games.

Buffalo Bills WR Sammy Watkins: Sammy Watkins did an impressive job running his 8 completions for 117 yards and a touchdown helping the Bills win their game against the Miami Dolphins 29-10. Watkins was always open and E.J. Manuel threw him some solid passes. This rookie has a pretty bright future ahead of him and I can’t wait for his next game.



Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradly: Gus Bradly made a huge mistake when hes decided to start Chad Henne instead of Blake Bortles in the quarterback position. Chad Henne has only thrown for a total of 365 yards which is a 1 game total for Drew Brees or Payton Manning. Henne has ranked his team in 28th for passing so far this season and things can only get worse until Bradly realizes that he needs to get some new blood on the field. If he can’t comprehend that, we could be looking at the end of Gus Bradly’s contract this season.

For more information on the players and teams performances, go to

And now for the part that you’ve all been waiting for. Here are my predictions for week 3’s games!!!


Buccaneers @ Falcons

Chargers @ Bills

Cowboys @ Rams

Redskins @ Eagles

Texans @ Giants

Vikings @ Saints

Titans @ Bengals

Ravens @ Browns

Packers @ Lions

Colts @ Jaguars

Raiders @ Patriots

49ers @ Cardinals

Broncos @ Seahawks

Chiefs @ Dolphins

Steelers @ Panthers

Bears @ Jets

Bold = Winning Team

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