NFL In Minutes: Preseason

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This year’s NFL preseason was very interesting. We got a look at some excellent new rookies and we found out that some players may not be cut out for the job, so this is going to be your guide to the 2014 preseason.


Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr: Derek Carr proved that he is a force to be reckoned with. He threw for 108.7 yards a game and threw 4 touchdown passes. He got picked off only once the entire preseason and beat other rookie QB’s such as Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater in the passing game. This kid let the Raiders to a 41-31 victory over the Super Bowl champs, the Seahawks on Thursday as well as a 27-26 victory over the Lions in week two. I think the Raiders will Carr more next year than this year but it’s great to see a rookie doing this well so early in the game.

Cincinnati Bengals RB Jeremy Hill: Jeremy Hill was drafted in round 2 by the Bengals and so far seems to be doing excellent! This preseason, he ran for 190 total yards, averaging 47.5 yards a game as well as 4.6 yards a carry. He ranked 5th in total out of all running backs this preseason and if the Bengals take the smart route, they’ll start him in a heart beat.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles have reason to rejoice after this preseason. They ranked either #1 or #2 in almost every offensive aspect. Chip Kelly did a wonderful job with his new rookies and his veterans placing their players in the top ten for passing, receiving, rushing, scoring, touchdowns, and total yards! Their now 2nd string quarterback, Matt Barkley, ranked 9th out of all the quarterbacks in the league this preseason and if Foles ever gets injured, you can count on him. Way to go Philly!



Indianapolis Colts: The Colts had a fairly easy schedule and should’ve walked away with at least a 2-2-0 record, but they couldn’t pull off a single win this preseason despite their simple schedule. Grant it, they didn’t get very good draft picks, however, they had a lot of veterans playing out there that had plenty of experience but they didn’t put a dent in the score. Let’s just hope that the Colts can pull off a much better regular season.

Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer: Palmer’s been in this business too long to be making the mistakes that he made this preseason. Only 17 of the balls that Palmer threw found a target and one of the targets was the other team averaging a 50% completion rating.  Palmer was lucky that he had top notch receivers such as Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd, other wise he may not have even been able to complete that many passes. Palmer needs to step up his game or his chances of going to the playoffs this year are toast.


Regular Season Week 1 Predicted Results:

Saints @ Falcons

Packers @ Seahawks

Vikings @ Rams

Bronws @Steelers

Jaguars @ Eagles

Raiders @ Jets

Bengals @ Ravens

Bills @ Bears

Redskins @ Texans

Titans @ Chiefs

Patriots @ Dolphins

Panthers @ Buccaneers

49ers @ Cowboys

Colts @ Broncos

Giants @ Lions

Chargers @ Cardinals

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