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Hello! This is Lexi and Kaysey, and we’re here to explain the new and more interactive aspect of The Digital Nest, an Advice Column! This article is an introduction to what we’ll be covering this year and how YOU can get involved!

What kind of questions will you be answering?

Lexi: I would gladly answer any questions asked, but they may start out a little bit sarcastic. Don’t worry though, I will answer any and all questions seriously and to the best of my ability. Eventually.

Kaysey: I will also be answering any questions asked! As long as they are school appropriate, let’s keep it PG.


How can you submit questions?

Lexi: In the comments below, you can submit any questions, as long as you’re okay with them being public under your name. If you have any questions that are a little more embarrassing, secretive, personal, or any other reason you might have, you can email me at . Also, for the personal ones, you can request to have names censored or other censorships when answering or asking your question.

Kaysey: You can submit questions to me by emailing me at! If you wouldn’t like your name being mentioned, just tell me that in the email and I will keep you anonymous.


When will my question be published?

Lexi: Whenever I can get around to it, I will answer your question. Depending on how many questions I receive, I will answer as man questions as I can. It might not be right away, but your question will be answered.

Kaysey: Your question will most likely be published on a weekend! If your question isn’t published the weekend after you ask it, don’t worry! I am either busy, or yours will be published the next weekend due to so many questions.


How often will advice articles be published?

Lexi: I will write one every other week, alternating with Kaysey.

Kaysey: Every week! Lexi and I will switch writing articles every other week.


Can I be anonymous when submitting questions?

Lexi: It would be hard to keep anonymous when asking a question, but, if requested, we most certainly will keep you anonymous.

Kaysey: Of course! Just ask in the email with your question.


Where else will the questions and answers be posted?

Lexi: Only here on the Digital Nest.

Kaysey: Nowhere else, yet.


Is there a way to make sure my question gets answered by the next article?

Lexi: I will not be taking requests of in which order questions get published, they will be in the order in which I receive them. Some exceptions may be made if there is a limit on how fast the question would become irrelevant, for example if someone asked about something coming up in a week.

Kaysey: Nope. It depends on how many questions we receive.


How many questions will be published per article?

Lexi: I would like to be able to have at least 10 per article, but I am aware that I probably will not receive that many questions, so, realistically, there will probably be about 5-7 per article, or however many I receive if it’s below that number.

Kaysey: I’d say the maximum would be 10, and the minimum would be five.


If you have any questions about the new column, or you want to submit a question to be answered in our first advice articles, then either comment below, or email us at (Kaysey) or (Lexi) and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Ask away, everyone!



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