Ms. Blank’s Debut Concert

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After the beloved Mr. Hughens retired last year, band and chorus students were unsure what to think when they walked into class to find Ms. Blank at the teacher’s desk. Her outgoing and spunky personality and witty sense of humor, however, quickly made band or chorus the favorite class of the day. Every day since the beginning of the year, the students have been preparing for their hour of glory at the Winter Concert. There were great days, okay days, and downright terrible days when one learned to never invoke a maestro’s wrath, but the students came through at the concert.

Starting off the concert with our National Anthem, the seventh grade band (and the five eighth graders who played with them) played five songs and showed their level of skill with music of all kinds. From “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the moved to “Under the Double Eagle,” “Edelweiss,” “Dreidl Adventure,” and “Variations on a French Carol.” Each song represented not only a different genre of music, but a different instrument section.

Shout out to the five eighth graders who gave up their AP time for two weeks to help rehearse and perform with the seventh graders for their portion of the concert. Joey (Baritone Saxophone), Karisa (Percussion), Madi (Percussion), Meredith (Trombone), Oscar (Percussion).

At this point, it is chorus’ turn to perform. With their rendition of “Rose Red,” a traditional Elizabethan round, they started off strong and ended even stronger. Chorus then sang “Dodi Li,” “Non Nobis Domine,” “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and “Christmas in the Air.” They had an artful performance throughout the night, and showed off their singing skills.

Three members of chorus were also in band. Great job to Lauren Kathrins, Brianna Laube, and Carrie Lusk.

While this song may have been the start of the performance, it was played and sung as chorus’ finale and the eighth grade band’s beginning piece. Accompanied by the 63 band students left to perform (including the five eighth graders mentioned above), the 116 musicians played and sang the first three verses of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” then repeated the first one again to thunderous applause. Band executed an additional four songs, starting off with “Torch of Liberty,” then moving on to “Creed,” “Waltz of the Flowers,” and finishing with a rock/jazz rendition of “Up on the Housetop.” In that particular song, the band was divided in half: flutes, clarinets, and alto saxophones played the melody, then trumpets, tenor saxophones, trombones, bass clarinets, tuba, baritone saxophone, and percussion would “crash the party,” as Ms. Blank put it.

During “Creed,” there was a trumpet solo played by Lauren Kathrins, and Chris Scrivens. Well done, the solo was beautiful.

Ms. Blank has definitely earned a name for herself, and the spring concert can be expected to be at least as good as this one. Great job to all (147) musicians who played and/or sang Thursday night.

Ms. Blank

Ms. Blank with her tenor saxophone.

Image courtesy of Ms. Blank’s teacher website.


**Both the band and the chorus went to a District Assessment in earlier this year, and both emerged with high ratings. The band was ranked “Excellent” and the chorus was ranked “Superior with Distinction.”

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  1. Randy L. Mabe says:

    Congratulations Ms Blank! Ms Blank is a sterling individual She has much more to offer in many areas of life. We are excited to watch her mature as she continues her career enriching the lives of her students and associates. Well done and yes, “Ms Blank has definitely earned a name for herself”.

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