How to Survive a Wedding Shower

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Your uncle is getting married in a few months!  Super exciting, right?  Picking out outfits, shopping for presents, helping with details.  And then there’s the wedding shower… sounds like a lot of fun, right? But once you get there, it’s a bunch of adults talking about adulty things, and you don’ really know what to do or how to fit in. Most of all, if there aren’t many things to do, you just feel bored.  Here are a few ways to survive the few hours of torture they call a wedding shower.

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1) Eat food.  At any party, there is most likely going to be food.  Keep yourself occupied by grabbing whatever looks good from around the table.  Don’t stay there too long, and don’t linger, but it’s a good way to take up some time.

2) Play small games you can do by yourself.  The most convenient way to do this is to bring a smartphone with tons of apps, but if you don’t have a phone, you can do small hand games to pass the time.

3) Find someone around your age and talk to them.  This might be difficult, as its hard to tell how old someone is, or what they like.  A good way to pass time is to talk.  Honestly, the other person is probably feeling the same as you, so talking to them is doing both you and them good.

4) Think about a lot of things.  One way to pass time is to think about complex things, like trying to figure out how someone else is feeling. (just be sure not to stare) Playing mind games can be entertaining and pass a lot of time.

5) Participate.  At most parties, there are games, activities, and many other things to do. Just try to involve yourself in what everyone is doing, and you’ll have fun.

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