HMSTV/TDN Field Trip to Channel 5 News!

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Hillcrest Falcons…

Have you ever wondered what it is like behind the scenes at a local news station? Well, wonder no more! I have the inside scoop just for you. Our own HMSTV News Crew was given the opportunity to tour the CBS 5 News Station!

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When we arrived, we were met by Nathan Erickson, CBS 5 Production Supervisor and our tour guide for the day. We started the tour by gathering in a meeting room and discussed how to increase our presence on social media websites such as TDN, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Afterwards, Nathan led us to the news work room where story ideas are discussed and scripts are written and revised.  This was very interesting because the anchors were in the room working on their afternoon segments.  See if you can find the talent in the photos below.

Next, we were able to tour the actual news room where the anchors report live! We were the first group to go on a tour since the recent updates to the studio.  Did you know that when the broadcast begins the only people in the entire studio are the anchors.  It is due to the fact that now there are robotic cameras. The studio was super high-tech, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing.

The studio was kept at low temperatures because the hi-tech cameras would die or break down if the room was too hot and this applies to all of their mobile reporting vehicles as well.  They have to keep their vans cool with built-in air units in the Arizona heat 24/7 and they keep them parked outside when not in use!   We learned that jewel tones look best on camera. Nathan also showed us the room where the anchors would interview special guests. It was a small and compact area which looked like a modern living room.

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Next on the tour, we were directed into the control room where Nathan told us about the technical equipment. It was very complex and there was definitely many moving parts because stories are always changing. In the room were many monitors and computers as you can see in the pictures below.

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Finally, we were able to watch the live broadcast! We observed Nicole Crites, morning and afternoon anchor for CBS 5, and Katie Baker, the newest member of the CBS 5 morning team, as they were performing their segments. It was so much fun because we were able to observe them up close and in person. We were in the green room where we could see the live broadcast through a glass window.

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Afterwards, we received insight on what it takes to become an anchor by talking to Nicole Crites. She told us how she interned for local news stations in Tuscon starting when she was a sophomore in high school. She would ask to stay after to help out wherever she was needed, or would stay and watch the final production in order to gain additional experience.  She was super sweet and stayed to answer all of our questions.

CBS 12

Pictured: Nicole Crites
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Another memorable moment from the day  was when the HMSTV News Crew got to test out the green screen where Katie Baker reports the weather. The most interesting part about the green screen is when you are reporting live, you do not look at the green screen for the information. The actual wall is just green. You must look into the camera where you can see what you are doing and figure out whether your hand is pointing to the correct spot which for most, can be quite confusing at first.

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Also, you can’t wear green in front of a green screen because that part of your body will be invisible!  Check out Samantha testing this theory out in the photo below:

Photo by: Carlie Ranno Pictured: Samantha S. and Aditi G.

Photo by: Carlie Ranno
Pictured: Samantha S. and Aditi G.

All in all, it was a great field trip and I had a blast. I would like to give a special thanks to Nathan Erickson. He did a fantastic job and described each room very well. We all had a great time and enjoyed the whole unique trip!

Thank-you CBS 5!

Photo by: Christine Ranno Pictured: HMSTV News Crew and their leader, Mr. Herold

Photo by: Christine Ranno
Pictured: Mr. Herold and the HMSTV News Crew

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