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Photo from: http://www.naturalnews.com/fruits_and_vegetables.html

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Who out there loves to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, straight out of a garden? If so, then I have got some fantastic news for you!

Hillcrest’s very own Garden Gang is currently working diligently to plant our very first fruit, vegetable and herb garden right here at Hillcrest.  This group is comprised of a handful of students, teachers and staff at Hillcrest.  We are looking to expand our group and would love for anyone interested to sign up as soon as possible so that you can be part of this moment in Hillcrest’s history.

We want our garden to be colorful and full of healthy foods to be available for students and their families that are a part of our Hillcrest community.

The Garden Gang was inspired by two individuals named Pam Warhurst and Stephen Ritz who started a fruit and vegetable garden within their communities. Pam planted her healthy gardens right in the center of street corners, cities, etc. so that the public could eat the food for free. Stephen, who lives in the Bronx, teaches inner-city kids how to plant healthy foods in practically anything, such as shoes, pots, or even something as crazy as on a wall. Both of these individuals help their communities become a better place, and at the same time, connect people together.

Pam Warhurst

Photo of: Pam Warhurst
Picture from: https://www.transitionnetwork.org/blogs/rob-hopkins/2013-11/pam-warhurst-food-banks-are-first-response-not-final-response



Pictured: Stephen Ritz  Picture from: https://poptech.org/people/stephen_ritz

Pictured: Stephen RitzPicture from: https://poptech.org/people/stephen_ritz 


It has been amazing to be a part of the Garden Gang because everybody works so well with one another. We were able to get approval from Ms. Hazelton late last year to move forward with this project.

Below are some photographs of the approved designated garden space at Hillcrest:

Photo by: Carlie R Pictured: 300 sq ft. garden space

Photo by: Carlie R
Pictured: 300 sq ft. garden space

Photo by: Carlie R Pictured: 300 sq ft. garden space

Photo by: Carlie R
Pictured: 300 sq ft. garden space


We decided to reach out to Home Depot to partner with our school as we do not have the funding to purchase the seeds, plants, tools, and equipment needed to  start a garden.  After exchanging numerous letters, emails, and phone calls between Mr. Herold, myself, and Adele Tupper-Fischer, the Operations Manager at Home Depot, Home Depot invited the Garden Gang to formally present our garden idea to the management of Home Depot at their next staff meeting which was held on Monday, October 20th.

So, on Monday, October 20th, the Garden Gang members attended a staff meeting at Home Depot. Below is a photo of the Garden Gang members that attended the meeting.

Photo by: Mrs. Parrino  Pictured: Aditi G, Shayan A, Mr. Herold, Carlie R, and Josephine R

Photo by: Mrs. Parrino
Pictured: Aditi G, Shayan A, Mr. Herold, Carlie R, and Josephine R 



Before the big presentation, everyone was very excited and anxious…you could feel it in the air, as all of the Home Depot Managers were there, approximately 10-15 managers in all.  We presented our proposal.

Below are some photographs of the event:


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Next we also presented a video showcasing how Hillcrest students thought a healthy garden would not only help Hillcrest, but the community as well:




After the presentation was all set and done, we received great news! Home Depot agreed to partner with Hillcrest in order to sponsor our garden!!  Many, many thanks to Home Depot and their staff.  We are so appreciative for their help and support and are looking forward to working with them on this project.

Photo from:  http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2014/09/18/home-depot-says-malware-affected-56-million-payment-cards.html

Photo from:


Photo from:

Photo from:

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Photo from:

Photo from:

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If you are interested in partaking in this epic community project, then talk to Mr. Herold or myself and we will hook you up!

This is what I love about community projects…a community coming together in order to help one another create and execute a beautiful idea.  We need more people today who are not afraid to do something smart yet bold to come up with the next new thing. Small, thoughtful, and friendly actions such as these will slowly bring forth a new and fresh era to our current and future generations.

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