Hillcrest Plays with Mountain Ridge Marching Band

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Last night, Mountain Ridge High School played Desert Mountain, and joining Mountain Ridge’s Marching Band was our own Hillcrest Band. Many of the members of our band went to Mountain Ridge to participate in their annual feeder night, which allows seventh and eighth grade student to play with the high school band and get an idea of what it is like to play their music, march with them, and learn what their standards are. The band members rehearsed outside in sectionals, then came together as a whole to stretch, warm up, and do breathing exercises. After announcements, they formed up and marched into the stadium. The game started, and the band moved into the bleachers, where they waited for the drum majors* to tell them what to play. For two hours, the band sat in the stands, playing music and watching the game. The halftime show was impressive on the part of the Mountain Ridge Marching Band, and the game ended with Mountain Ridge down 24-31. The band formed up and marched back to school, everyone a bit disappointed with the outcome of the game but content with their performance. Some of the Hillcrest band members that attended were Crystina B (clarinet), Michael E (clarinet), Josh H (trumpet), Lauren K (trumpet), Chris S (trumpet), Brianna L (bass clarinet), Violet P (trombone), Chris M (alto saxophone), Anna B (tenor saxophone), Hannah K (flute), Carly B (alto saxophone), Oscar V (percussion) and myself (trombone). Great job to both Hillcrest and Mountain Ridge! Additionally, a shout-out to Ms. Blank, the Hillcrest band and Choir director, for informing the band about this exciting opportunity!

Mountain Ridge Band logo.

Image courtesy of Google Images.

*A drum major is a conductor for the marching band. There are usually three drum majors; one in the middle, on the left, and on the right of the band to ensure that every member can see at least one of them.

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