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The Hillcrest Garden Gang has a new plan of action. The goal? Make our Garden extraordinary and help the community.

The first phase of this plan was enacted on Friday, October 23. Seven members of the Garden Gang and four NJHS members met after school to clear out the remains of last year’s (dead) crop. The only survivors were the basil, thyme, parsley, and chili plants. With an hour of hard work, the Garden went from a jungle to a neat, clean area. Everyone was tired and sweaty, but proud nonetheless. Now that the Garden was clean, the second phase was ready to be started.

That weekend, the head gardener sat down to plan out the new Garden layout. After many hours of research, she was able to finish the design and post it on Edmodo, where the rest of the Gang reviewed and ratified it. Now, it was time to make a timeline. What plants needed to be planted when? It was decided to have two planting days (this is not including days needed to enrich the soil), one in the winter and one in mid-spring.

The third phase, yet to be started, will be organizing funding and donations for the Gang. We need compost bins, soil, fertilizer, various garden tools, and plants. We may also contact Home Depot, as they provided us with some supplies last year. We also are in need of parts to help fix and expand our irrigation system.

Next- planting! The Gang will come out and get their hands covered in dirt. We will put all the winter plants in the ground so that they can bloom. The same will be done mid-spring when the rest of the vegetables go in the ground.

Mr. Herold and the head gardener have discussed ideas about sharing the Garden with the surrounding community. We may hold a farmer’s market when our plants are ripe, or we may open some small plots in the Garden for members of the neighborhood and nearby areas to have their own space. Whatever decision is reached, the Gang is happy to help.

When the current group of eighth graders continue to high school, the seventh graders will take over. They will continue on this plan of action and work on making the Garden even bigger, better, and more beautiful than before.

The Gang has also had some outside help. Thanks to Graeme and Jan Nicholls of Victoria, Australia, for their advice, suggestions, and expertise in gardening.

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