Garden Gang is in Action!

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Hello Hillcrest Falcons! So, you have probably heard word around school that the Garden Gang officially planted on Friday, March 13th, 2015! Friday the 13th was a huge success as everything went over excellently! All volunteers were extremely impressed with the turnout. This was a huge and exciting day for not only the Garden Gang, but Hillcrest as well! It took a lot of planning and designing beforehand, but it all paid off in the end! Feel free to stop by the north gates between the C and D wings to see the beautiful garden planted on 3/13.

Below are some photographs of the garden space after students, teachers, and Home Depot faculty members came by to plant the beautiful garden:


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Friday the 13th was a day full of hard work and manual labor. Volunteers gathered for roughly three hours, working together towards the same goal, to create a colorful and amazing garden full of beautiful fruits, vegetables, and herbs. In order to create the garden, volunteers worked hard turning and smoothing the soil, preparing the plants, digging small holes, and finally planting and watering the baby plants. All of this may have seemed like a lot at the time, but it sure was worth it in the end as we were left with a beautiful and fabulous garden! About 4 or 5 members from Home Depot arrived to assist along with five 7th and 8th grade students from Hillcrest, Mr. Herold, Mrs. Kenobbie, and myself. I would like to give a special shoutout to the following people:

  • Adele from Home Depot. Adele was there for the Garden Gang from the beginning, and executing this garden would not have been possible without her help.
  • Hillcrest students who arrived, supported, and worked very hard for the Garden Gang including: Shayan A, Meredith N, Daniel W, Abigail C, and Michael E.
  • Jason from Kellogg. Kellogg is a soil company who generously donated 21 bags of soil for our garden and stayed an additional three hours to help us complete the garden
  • Bonnie Plants also played a huge role during the gardening process as they donated an enormous variety of plants for the Garden Gang! Bonnie Plants had given us so many plants, it was unbelievable!

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who donated, supported and sponsored Hillcrest’s community garden.

Below are photos of the garden space with the students, teachers, and Home Depot faculty members who stopped by to lend a helping hand and bring the garden to life!


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So, as it currently stands, it has been an approximate 7 weeks since March 13th! Fortunately, the garden is still doing absolutely amazing! We have harvested strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, parsley and peas! Plus, there is still lots to come! Check out the photos below if you are interested in viewing how the garden looks to date:


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