Fundraising for ET4J at Barnes and Noble

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Photo by: Mrs. Parrino
Pictured: Yearbook volunteers at the Barnes and Noble Fundraiser


Over the weekend, some of Hillcrest’s yearbook staff and their advisor, Mrs Parrino, met up at Barnes and Noble at the Happy Valley Towne Center to offer complementary gift wraps in order to raise money for Emily’s Toys for Joy (ET4J), books for the students of Bir, India, and for student activities at Hillcrest. Arriving at 9:00 AM, all 20 of us entered Barnes and Noble to gather all of the necessary materials for the day. The attendees included:

  • Emily F
  • Josephine R
  • Chloe S
  • Kelly B
  • Mackenzie P
  • Jolynn O
  •  Cate L
  • Nikki H
  • Tiffany W
  • Mary- Tyler M
  • Cassidy M
  • Clare W
  • Dailee J
  • Madi B
  • Amy H
  • Victoria J
  • Kailee J
  • Hannah L
  • Vara T



Photo by: Carlie R
Pictured: Wrapping Table


Once we had collected the necessary materials, we were ready to start the fundraising. The staff handed out coupons  to customers and let them know 20% of the proceeds from their purchase would go directly to Hillcrest for student activities.

To accumulate money for ET4J and books for the students in Bir, India, the yearbook staff would hold large plastic jars which were used to collect random donations as customers walked into the store. They would dance around on the sidewalk, have huge smiles plastered on their faces, or they would wave to the cars and people driving/walking by. Hannah L. demonstrated some amazing gymnastic moves as people walked by such as walking on her hands for quite some time. Or, they would take shifts holding up a very large teddy bear poster with some fun facts about ET4J. Some of the staff even walked around with miniature posters representing ET4J with photos of children in hospitals holding toys donated from ET4J. To add some holiday spirit, holiday music was played whilst outside. Check out the photos below:


Photo by: Carlie R
Pictured: ET4J Poster



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For fun and to share kindness, we would hold the doors open for the customers because it is the holiday season, everyone is joyful and generous, and it is the time of year to give to others! Below is a slideshow of photos:

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As the customers walked out of the door, the staff  asked if they would prefer a complementary gift wrap and some people decided to go with this idea as did Ms. Longo which you can see in the photograph below:


Photo by: Carlie R
Pictured: Amy H, Kelly B and Ms. Longo


At about 1:00 pm the staff started to wrap things up.  It was time to start counting the money so we poured out all of the money and started to count.

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The yearbook fundraiser was a HUGE SUCCESS! All in all, they raised $450.00+! So once they were all packed up, they headed over to Walmart to start shopping for both ET4J and the students in Bir, India. They picked up dolls, games, puzzles, cars, coloring books, workbooks, and so much more!

It was so much fun to spread holiday cheer throughout the day! It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have made, or are going to be making, a positive impact on children. You feel generous and happy because you made someone else’s day.

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