Forza 6- The Latest Racing Simulator Yet!

16 Mar 2016 by Kyle Tamulewicz, 1 Comment »

An Audi R18 24Hours of LeMans car(foreground) racing a BMW Z4 GT3 (background) at night. Photo Courtesy of

Hello people of the internet! Today I was hoping to talk to you about something that I love. When I say love, I mean I live it and breathe it. That love is racing simulators. Whether they be large scale or not known at all to the general public, I’m all for giving them a shot. My personal favorite is the Forza franchise, and I’ll tell you why- the brutal simplicity. Their newest game, Forza 6, is celebrating it’s 1st anniversary in September, and I went nuts over that game. For that year, I’ve been going from Walmart to Walmart, Target to Target, and GameStop to GameStop (because I’m too poor to buy an Xbox One) practicing my racing lines and pushing the demo version to its limits. This brings on what I wrote this article for… my thoughts and opinions on the overall game.

The vinyl selection menu. Still the same as in Forza 4, published in 2011. Photo Courtesy of

Overall, I adore this game. Approximately 1,150 hours and counting of my time has gone into Forza 4. Turn 10’s development team has been busy, updating the graphics, sound quality, cars, all new 24-car multiplayer lobbies, and new racing modes like rain and night. In those respects, I commend you Forza. However, there are other aspects that aren’t that great. The menus, for example, are slow, and remind me of an odd variant of abstract art. The number of tracks is decent, but needs improvement. The paint booth has the exact same options as Forza 5, which came out nearly 3 years ago. Honestly, the game’s logo could use some revamping and sometimes the steering system wont steer at all, sending you spinning uncontrollably into, say a billboard on the side of the track, or a group of racing fans (not actual people, thank goodness). Forza has been good about this in their past games, putting out updates to their games to fix problems, and so far the 6th chapter is no exception. The developers still push out their monthly add-on packs as promised, but some of the most pressing problems have remained untouched.

In a small wrap-up, the latest addition to the Forza franchise is that, an addition. Yes, the overall aspects of the game have improved, but to be brutally honest, I don’t feel like there’s anything special that this game has to offer. So Turn 10 and Microsoft, if you’re reading this, step it up. You made a great game, but don’t get caught up in your success. Focus more on the community and what problems need to be fixed, not putting out 10 cars every month. But hey, Forza Horizon 3’s coming out at E3 in just six short months, and Forza 7 at next year’s E3. Maybe those will be different. Thanks for your time and attention.


-Kyle Tamulewicz

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