Forza 6: My Experience

17 May 2016 by Kyle Tamulewicz, No Comments »

Hello people of the Internet! As some of you know, about a month ago I wrote about the pros and cons of the Forza franchise’s latest racing simulator. If you missed that, the link is here. However, that was based solely on experience with the kiosk demos and a little bit of research here and there. Now that I have an Xbox One and a copy of Forza 6 (thanks Mom and Dad), I can now report on how the game looks, feels, and all that cool stuff. Just a little tidbit: all these photos were taken by yours truly. Cool? Cool. Let’s get started!

The game is a LOT more stable than Forza 4 or 5, and the cover car, the 2017 Ford GT, is an absolute beast when it’s upgraded. The sound of the Lamborghini-powered Audi R8 V10 is an absolute beauty of a sound. The physics can be easily mistaken for anything outside of the couple-hundred square foot room that your Xbox is in and quite frankly, I love the new additions of the IndyCar, Formula 1, and Formula E cars. On top of that, there’s the weather options; the new night and rain settings are sublime, always giving you, the driver, something to improve upon after every single turn.

The car list is great, the community’s designs are breathtaking, but that’s about it. Like I said in my previous article, the menus are slow, there are bugs galore, and Forza needs to be on top of their game with this game’s physics. For example, the Motorsport division always tends to stray towards understeer in the turns, while the Horizon division goes more towards oversteer. More about oversteer vs understeer here. Anyways, the physics need a common ground where you don’t drift everywhere but at the same time, don’t barrel through the corner into a huge crowd of people (insert Ford Mustang joke here). Please, Forza, FIX IT!!!! I beg of you! Another problem is the design creator. Having a game on a next-gen console and having the same decal menu as Forza 4, which was published in 2011 is a no-no in my book. The next 2 Forza games better have a huge revamp or I will be back to write another not-so happy article about Horizon 3 and Motorsport 7. Thanks for your time and attention.


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