Disabled actors are “able” to reenact famous Shakespeare lines

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Yes, Hillcrest Falcons, you heard me right,  it is as a matter of fact that adults with disabilities such as down syndrome have been performing in the fine arts for over 10 years in a place known as the Blue Apple Theatre which is located in the city of Hampshire, England. This theatre’s staff consists of over 30+ members with drawbacks whether it be autism or another defect and have been working together in citing famous phrases from William Shakespeare himself.


Logo of Blue Apple Theatre

 A logo of the theatre

Picture Credits: Winchester.gov.uk

Because of this, the special stars have each achieved his or her own inner sense of self- acceptance and attainment. They also often participate in various team building activities and workshops to help boost their morale.

A group of the actors shared their triumphs and their achievements on the Channel 4 News. One of these performers is named James Enfield who is extremely proud of his capability to dramatize some of Shakespeare’s longest speeches. Enfield quotes this, ” Unless you’re given a fair chance, then they will not know, what you-you the individual- can do.”

The “different” theater also takes part in film and dance classes, which basically expands the opportunities of fine arts to the crew.  Serving the fascinating purpose of a convenient refuge for those who are not as fortunate as most of us are, Blue Apple Theatre was recently welcomed once again to a annual performance of an original setting of Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre located in London, England.

A performance by the Blue Apple Theatre at the reowned Globe Theatre

A performance at the Globe Theatre in London

Picture Credits:http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Globe_theater_Shakespeare_play-London-2006.jpg


Ever since it establishment in the year of 2005, the theatre has been hard at work improving not just the performers excellent skills, but as well as showing the world what they can do, despite the many challenges and obstacles ahead of them.

If you want to learn more about Blue Apple Theatre and perhaps their upcoming plans and schedules, go to this link of their website at http://www.blueappletheatre.hampshire.org.uk/  and make sure to watch the video below. This article I wrote is based off the details of one from the website at www.goodnewsnetwork.org  If you want to check that website out, you can learn very many intriguing and inspiring stories daily.

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 Here is the video that essentially sums up on what Blue Apple Theatre stands for

Video Credits: https://youtu.be/Acj70jNexf4



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