A True Hero of the Animals in Japan

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`             In 2011 one of the world’s largest earthquakes hit Japan. As recorded by seismologist’s it was a 9.1 earthquake. The earthquake not only destroyed towns and cities it also destroyed Japans nuclear plant, releasing radiation in the entire city. This caused people to flee not even thinking twice about their loved things and even animals! So this was now a ghost town with no humans living within about 10 to 20 miles from the accident. Except one man named Naoto thought of more than just himself, he thought of all the animals that were going to die because of not being fed and the radiation. So he made a decision to go back and feed the animals and take care of them. Not only was this man risking his health he was also risking his life. When he went back, he went into a huge barn, just to find 100 cows lying dead on the floor from the radiation being trapped in the barn, it killed every last one of them. However when he went back he also saw a mother cat with her healthy kittens around her.

He also cared for many other animals like boar, pigs, horses, birds, and cats.

Naoto also found a dog who survived a year and a half locked up in a barn. This dog survived off of the dead flesh of the cattle in the huge barn. Naoto then named him Kiseki (miracle in English). He named him this because 2 months after they found the dog he already had most of his fur back. Kiseki is an amazing dog who is now owned and cared by Naoto.


He is a true hero! Naoto has been feeding these animals for a long time. He has even cared for cattle.

Naoto is officially the only man in the contaminated area and he refuses to ever leave the land. He knows what radiation can do to him, but after doing some research, scientists told Naoto that the radiation won’t affect him until about 30 or 40 years from now. As Naoto said “They also told me that I wouldn’t get sick for 30 or 40 years. I’ll most likely be dead by then anyway, so I couldn’t care less”.

Naoto even trained, fed, and took care of the wonderful dogs too! Naoto exclaimed “Everyone in town left thinking they would be back home in a week or so, I guess. From then on, I fed all the cats and dogs every day”.


 He also took care of the strangest animals too! Like an Ostridge!

            Naoto relies on donations from the public to help him with buying food. He has dedicated his life to saving and protecting these animals. Naoto will stay there with the animals, until the day he dies. He is a true hero and the saying is right, not all heroes wear capes. Go to this link if you would like to donate: http://naotomatsumura.weebly.com/

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