A Special Thanks To Our TDN Editors and Contributors!

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Photo Of: Shayan Afzal, Aditi Galande, and Brandon Pero Photo By: Carlie Ranno

Photo Of: Shayan Afzal, Aditi Galande, and Brandon Pero
Photo By: Carlie Ranno

This past 2013-2014 school year at Hillcrest, Mr. Herold formed our school’s very first digital newspaper (TDN)!  Many students made contributions writing stories for The Digital Nest throughout the year, but there were a select few whose contributions really made an impact. These students were able to consistently write and publish stories on a weekly basis and this ensured these writers not only a position with HMSTV, our morning announcement crew, but an opportunity to take on the role as Editor.

We had 3 amazing Editors this year:

  • Brandon Pero
  • Aditi Galande
  • Hayato Takeshita - Hayato is our foreign correspondent from Japan. Hayato attended Hillcrest through the end of the 2nd quarter, but moved to Japan just before winter break.

As the Edior-in-Chief for TDN, I want to recognize these Editor’s who did an AMAZING job and worked really hard to help make TDN a success. All 3 Editors followed every requirement, wrote outstanding stories, and went above and beyond to help TDN writers with any questions they had and to ensure published articles were free of grammatical errors etc.  Just recently, we hired Shayan Afzal as our newest Editor for next year due to his outstanding articles published so far this year on TDN.

Everyone who was a part of TDN should be very proud of their contributions as this was the first year TDN started and in the end it was very successful. We published 149 articles!! Great work everyone!

Our top 5 contributors were (excluding myself and Mr. Herold):

1) Brandon Pero with 23 stories

2) Aditi Galande with 19 stories

3) Shilo Smith with 12 stories

4) Shayan Afzal with 8 stories and he started TDN in the 3rd quarter

5) Hayato Takeshita with 8 stories and he left for Japan after 2nd quarter

TDN Published Stories Recap:

TDN Published Stories Recap:

Brandon Pero did an amazing job with all of his Movie Pit reviews and keeping us up-to-speed with the best and worst rated movies according to the Rotten Tomatoes website. Aditi Galande did an amazing job with her “This Day in History” articles, but my personal favorite was her “Youth Day and Girls Have It Day” STEM field trip article.  Shilo Smith did a fantastic job highlighting the effects of bullying in a handful of her insightful articles. Shayan Afzal wrote some intriguing articles related to the medical field which is right in line with his goal of one day becoming a doctor!  And last but certainly not least is the unforgettable Hayato Takeshita who wrote about his incredible traveling adventures throughout the U.S. and Japan.

None of this would have been possibly without Mr. Herold who is the mastermind and visionary behind TDN. He is the coordinator for both TDN and HMSTV and made everything we are doing possible.

Below are some photos of our amazing TDN Editors:

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