5 Essentials for Theater Kids

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A musical theater kid is a certain type of person with lots of quirks, like having an ability to remember a lot of words, an excessive need for tea, connects real life problems with character problems, and much more. But, like any other normal person, theater kids have certain special needs that others might consider a little crazy… but who really cares, anyways. Like fish need water, like we need air, here is a list of __ things that are essential for a theater kid.

1) The ability to sing whenever they want. Now, there isn’t really any place where you can do this without getting judged harshly, so this one is usually reserved for when the house is empty and they want to practice their Broadway audition. There is a whole world of theater songs that a theater kid needs to explore to find the best audition song guaranteed to get you the lead.

This is a picture of Ferris Bueller singing in the shower. Picture from sodahead.com


2) Tea. As mentioned above, theater kids have an unhealthy obsession with tea. No one really knows quite how that started, but tea sure is good right before a big performance.

This is a picture of tea. Not much more I can say about that. Picture from www.atlanticavenuegarden.com

3) Cough drops. Cracking on a note is a theater kids’ worst nightmare. If a theater kid even shows a slight sign of being sick, they will do anything within their power to get rid of it, especially if it occurs during tech week when everything is tired, including your voice.

This is a picture of Throat Coat, a type of vocal coating stuff. Picture from cvs.com

4) Youtube and Netflix. These two might seem a little weird, but how else are we supposed to watch our favorite actor or actress perform their best song or watch their favorite show when its still in New York and you are here?

Pictured is the cast of Wicked during the song Defying Gravity. Picture from ronniekroell.com


5) A theater family. Everyone has their cliques and groups, and its the same for theater kids. Just like how the cheerleaders become like family while doing their stunts, theater kids become connected to their cast members and create bonds that aren’t easily broken. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone in the cast, but finding the people that you love like brothers and sisters is a pretty cool feeling.


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