2015: A Year of Opportunity

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You may know that this year is not just any year, this year is 2015, a very extraordinary one in my humble opinion, it has been referenced in iconic movies such as Back to the Future Part 2 which was made in 1989. The movie showed flying cars, hover-boards, etc. We may entirely not have these in stores or even completely invented or patented for that matter. However, here is a list of some of the most iconic, phenomenal inventions so far this year as of May 2015.

1. A plane that turns into a car: http://www.popsci.com/sites/popsci.com/files/styles/medium_1x_/public/aeromobil.jpg?itok=P8RDK8qc



This is a bit of a coincidence, but in 1989, the same year that Back to The Future Part 2 came out, a scientist named Stefan Klein had began working on a concept for a flying car. After years of planning, in 2010, he shared his work with his friend Juraj Valculik, an entrepreneur. Together, they made Aeromobil to develop a commercial product. As funny as it is, Aeromobil is not a car that can fly, it is an airplane that can drive. Its light weight, collapsible wings, and efficient design make for very precise flight maneuvers. On the ground, it provides roadster-like handling that even a racer could love. Who knows? One day there could be a Nascar race in the sky.

2. Needle-less Vaccinations




This might come as a surprise, but a biomedical engineer by the name of Kasia Sawicka has invented a painless way to get vaccinations. It is a medical patch called ImmunoMatrix, that can treat patients without harming the skin.  The patches are made with an absorbent material known as poly-vinylpyrrolidrone. Sawicka found that this material (that was used during 60’s hairdos such as the beehive) could pull water out of the skin. For several years, Sawicka made a process that combined polymer with vaccine solution, then forming them into nanofibers and weaved them into dense mats that make up the ImmunoMatrix tablets.  A medicine that does no pain whatsoever, I wonder if there ever going to get these patented any time soon.

3. Hands-on Virtual Realty




Attention all gamers, this may spark your interest, a way to get to digitally get your hands dirty.  Introducing the Nimble Sense, a invention that shows contrast to interaction problems with virtual reality.  It was invented by four people, Robert Wang, Chris Twigg, Kenrick Kin, and Shangchen Han who are all software developers who have spent years working with motion-tracking camera systems and producing algorithms that analyze skeletal structure (in other words, x-ray like programming) . With the inventors’ experience, it did not take very long to make software that joint angles and knuckle placements to create digital, realistic hands. For a while, there was no good camera technology that could track virtual hands.  So the team decided to set matters into their own hands and make their own specialized camera tech, Nimble Sense, which is small enough to fit through an average Oculus Rift headset. It also has a digital field of view that is modified for VR and can monitor the user’s hands and to practically mimic every hand gesture. Currently the group is now working on the nifty headset to make it better.

Those were just a few amazing inventions of this year so far. If you want to learn more about more of these inventions, please visit: http://www.popsci.com/2015-invention-awards

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2015: A Year of Opportunity

You may know that this year is not just any year, this year is 2015, a very extraordinary one in [&hellip

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