2014-2015 Journalist of the Year

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Pictured: Alexandra Gass

Pictured: Alexandra Gass
Photo from: http://thedigitalnest.com/tdn-staff/

The Journalist of the Year award is awarded to a member of The Digital Nest (TDN). This member must demonstrate commitment to the digital newspaper as well as the team, impressive writing skills and conventions, and consistency with the number of articles written. This year the decision was up to Mr. Herold, TDN Advisor, Brandon Pero, TDN Editor and Co-Director of HMSTV (Hillcrest Middle School TV) as well as myself, Editor-in-Chief of TDN and Co-Director of HMSTV. I have to say that this year was a bit of a challenge when deciding who should receive this honorable award. There are so many talented student members of the TDN team who really pushed themselves towards excellence and demonstrated outstanding writing. After much deliberation, Mr. Herold, Brandon, and myself came to a decision…


Drum roll please!


Journalist of the Year 2014-2015 is awarded to Alexandra Gass!

Alexandra Gass is a fabulous writer. My favorite article of Alexandra’s this year would have to be “My Trip to Italy”. This was just one of Alexandra’s many magnificent articles.

This year was absolutely amazing! Everyone accomplished so much and should be very proud!

Did you know that TDN members have published an astounding 315+ articles since TDN’s inception in the summer of 2013? And, this year we exceeded the record number of articles published during the 2013-2014 school year! TDN members wrote 152 articles for the 2013-2014 school year and 163 articles were written during the 2014-2015 school year! This is a huge milestone and a 7% increase over last year! I am so proud of all the TDN members and their accomplishments!

Congratulations once again to Alexandra Gass for her amazing articles! Way to go Lexi!

Make sure to check out the link below in order to view my favorite article of Alexandra’s!  You will love it without a doubt!

My Trip to Italy

Be sure to check out TDN to browse through and read any other articles of interest.

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