10 Reasons to Play Guitar

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The guitar is a seriously awesome instrument. I’ve been playing for two years now and would highly recommend learning to play to anyone below are ten of many reasons to play guitar.

It’s portable. Try bringing a piano to a party. Or to a barbecue. Or camping. Or anywhere. Or you could just not. With the guitar, it’s have music, will travel.

You can play with other people or alone. Guitar is a more versatile instrument, meaning that it can be played alone, go with vocals, be played in a band, or even a larger ensemble. This is different than, say, drums, which don’t really have the same effect alone or with a singer.

It’s cool. Let’s face it: everyone looks way cooler with a guitar strapped to them. From acoustic to electric, guitars are awesome.

You can express creativity. Everyone needs a creative outlet. Why not make yours music?

It’s convenient to learn. There are plenty ways to learn to play guitar. People teach themselves, watch online lessons, take private lessons, or even group classes. There are loads of great teachers out there, including yourself.

You can show off. Whether at big parties or just hanging out with friends, playing guitar is a sure crowd-pleaser. Everyone loves a good sing along, from 80s song to modern hits.

It’s a great emotional outlet. Having the ability to create music that represents your feelings and emotions, ten being able to play it for yourself can be an incredible emotional release.

You can learn to play a simple song relatively quickly. You can play chords on the guitar without even having to learn to read or understand music. Songs can get complicated, but many popular songs are only a few chords away.

It’s a confidence booster. You can learn to play a song that you love and get it sounding really good in less than a day, which makes you feel great about yourself.

It’s fun. No explanation needed.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get a guitar and rock out!

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