17 May

Forza 6: My Experience

Hello people of the Internet! As some of you know, about a month ago I wrote about the pros and cons of the Forza franchise’s latest racing simulator. If you missed that, the link is here. However, that was based solely on experience with the kiosk demos and a little bit of research here and there. Now that I have an Xbox One and a copy of Forza 6 (thanks Mom and Dad), I can now report on how the game looks, feels, and all that cool stuff. Just a little tidbit: all these photos were taken by yours truly. Cool? Cool. Let’s get started!

The game is a LOT more stable than Forza 4 or 5, and the cover car, the 2017 Ford GT, is an absolute beast when it’s upgraded. The sound of the Lamborghini-powered Audi R8 V10 is an absolute beauty of a sound. The physics can be easily mistaken for anything outside of the couple-hundred square foot room that your Xbox is in and quite frankly, I love the new additions of the IndyCar, Formula 1, and Formula E cars. On top of that, there’s the weather options; the new night and rain settings are sublime, always giving you, the driver, something to improve upon after every single turn.

The car list is great, the community’s designs are breathtaking, but that’s about it. Like I said in my previous article, the menus are slow, there are bugs galore, and Forza needs to be on top of their game with this game’s physics. For example, the Motorsport division always tends to stray towards understeer in the turns, while the Horizon division goes more towards oversteer. More about oversteer vs understeer here. Anyways, the physics need a common ground where you don’t drift everywhere but at the same time, don’t barrel through the corner into a huge crowd of people (insert Ford Mustang joke here). Please, Forza, FIX IT!!!! I beg of you! Another problem is the design creator. Having a game on a next-gen console and having the same decal menu as Forza 4, which was published in 2011 is a no-no in my book. The next 2 Forza games better have a huge revamp or I will be back to write another not-so happy article about Horizon 3 and Motorsport 7. Thanks for your time and attention.



2 May

How to make a Pizza Cake!

Have you ever wanted to make a pizza cake? Well just keep on reading to find out!


Before you begin, the ingredients you need are:

2 cans of pre-made pizza crust or

3 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese

1 cup of sliced pepperoni

1 tablespoon of butter (optional)


First you want to preheat your oven to 400 degrees farenheit. Next you want to roll out your dough and cut out 5 circles the size of your tall sided pan. Place them on a cookie sheet and cook them for 8 minutes. Once the dough has been baked lay them on a cooling rack to cool.

Then cut a long strip of dough at least 1/2 inch wide than the height of the pan. then drape the dough around the inside of the pan leaving 1/2 inch over the top of the pan.

Next place one of the baked circles at the bottom of the pan. Then spread pizza sauce over the crust. Then place your pepperoni on top of the sauce. Finally place some of your mozzarella cheese on top of the pepperoni. You want to put the pepperoni before the cheese so the next layer will stick to the cheese. Repeat for 3 more layers. For the top layer place the crust over the cheese and top with sauce, cheese, than pepperoni.



Next fold the extra dough over to make a raised crust edge.


Finally you bake your pizza cake in the oven or until the cake is fully cooked. Let it cool in the pan for 5 minutes. When you remove the cake from the pan, brush the crust with butter and enjoy!









15 Apr

Destiny Leaked Update: Rumors of a summer DLC and Fall update

For the “Hillcrest Falcons” that take a particular interest for the popular game known as Destiny, you are about to have your mind blown.

Logo for Destiny

Picture Credits: ngb.to

Moreover, for those that are familiar with the very recent “April Update” that came out this Tuesday on April 12th, there was a weekly news update that was posted by Bungie ( the makers of the game and is famous for the Halo franchise) that states this,

The next point on the horizon is an update we’re cooking up in the Fall.” and, ” Hopefully, the ramp up to the April Update served up some proof that we love speaking at length about new Destiny content, once it arrives at its final form. Later on this summer, we’ll show you the scope, scale, and flavor for the next challenge you’ll face.”

What we now know is that there is a update planned for the Fall, and my speculation is that there may as well be yet another expansion in the summer. Now, this part about later in the summer is in theory, so bear with me here for now.

Meanwhile, this excerpt of the news is a huge expansion for the 2016-17 roadmap that was mentioned in a previous article that was posted on February 11, 2016. Bungie writer David “Deej” Dague also quoted this,

Beyond that, the team is focused on delivering a large expansion later this year, and a full Destiny sequel in 2017.”

I sure do hope that I am not mistaken when I theorize that the expansion later in the year that Bungie was talking about may be indeed in the summertime.  To conclude, I for one am very happy that the roadmap for the coming year is now more detailed. If you liked this article, please make its “presence” known by telling your friends that love the game as much as I do.

In other words, please leave a comment. ( especially if you have something to bring to the table about my theory) By the way, for those that have not yet seen the new trailer that Bungie made about the April Update prior to its release, the video is below.




The Preview for the April Update

Video Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTa1QSfymMY




12 Apr

Disabled actors are “able” to reenact famous Shakespeare lines

Yes, Hillcrest Falcons, you heard me right,  it is as a matter of fact that adults with disabilities such as down syndrome have been performing in the fine arts for over 10 years in a place known as the Blue Apple Theatre which is located in the city of Hampshire, England. This theatre’s staff consists of over 30+ members with drawbacks whether it be autism or another defect and have been working together in citing famous phrases from William Shakespeare himself.


Logo of Blue Apple Theatre

 A logo of the theatre

Picture Credits: Winchester.gov.uk

Because of this, the special stars have each achieved his or her own inner sense of self- acceptance and attainment. They also often participate in various team building activities and workshops to help boost their morale.

A group of the actors shared their triumphs and their achievements on the Channel 4 News. One of these performers is named James Enfield who is extremely proud of his capability to dramatize some of Shakespeare’s longest speeches. Enfield quotes this, ” Unless you’re given a fair chance, then they will not know, what you-you the individual- can do.”

The “different” theater also takes part in film and dance classes, which basically expands the opportunities of fine arts to the crew.  Serving the fascinating purpose of a convenient refuge for those who are not as fortunate as most of us are, Blue Apple Theatre was recently welcomed once again to a annual performance of an original setting of Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre located in London, England.

A performance by the Blue Apple Theatre at the reowned Globe Theatre

A performance at the Globe Theatre in London

Picture Credits:http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Globe_theater_Shakespeare_play-London-2006.jpg


Ever since it establishment in the year of 2005, the theatre has been hard at work improving not just the performers excellent skills, but as well as showing the world what they can do, despite the many challenges and obstacles ahead of them.

If you want to learn more about Blue Apple Theatre and perhaps their upcoming plans and schedules, go to this link of their website at http://www.blueappletheatre.hampshire.org.uk/  and make sure to watch the video below. This article I wrote is based off the details of one from the website at www.goodnewsnetwork.org  If you want to check that website out, you can learn very many intriguing and inspiring stories daily.

If you liked this article and/or have something worth mentioning, please leave a comment.



 Here is the video that essentially sums up on what Blue Apple Theatre stands for

Video Credits: https://youtu.be/Acj70jNexf4



19 Mar

The Review Of: Monument 14

It started off as a normal day for Dean and his younger brother Alex, but that was before the superstorm and chemical spill. When fourteen kids are locked in a superstore away from the chaos on the outside, more problems occur. Six high school students must find a way to live in the store with the children, without losing what little piece of civilization they have left. With chaos all around them, these kids must put their differences aside and find a way back to their parents, but that’s easier said than done. These kids must find a way to preserve life as they know it, but everything comes to an end.

Laybourne has outdone herself with choosing the characters for Monument 14. In this book, you end up with 14 totally distinct personalities yet they all contribute to one main goal of survival.  In Monument 14 you have the basic personalities of the star athlete, popular girl, the bully, the outcast, the computer genius, the rebellious girl, the sweet one, and the one that really doesn’t fit in. Even with these differences, they are all combined together to create one amazing story. It takes real talent to take so many different things (especially people) and still create a meaningful story with out losing focus on the main idea.

Monument 14 deserves a 10/10 rating. This story is one of the few I would recommend. Give it up to Emmy Laybourne for letting us see what our future might hold. Maybe all we need to survive is a person we can trust with complete faith. Laybourne’s Monument 14 has showed us what outworld might come to and maybe this is the only way for us as people to survive together.So a big thank you goes out to Emmy Laybourne for creating Monument 14 and demonstrating teamwork in an amazing way.

But it’s hard to take care of someone who doesn’t want or really need your help.” – Emmy Laybourne

The first book in the Monument 14 series. Photo credit: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12753231-monument-14


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Destiny Leaked Update: Rumors of a summer DLC and Fall update

For the “Hillcrest Falcons” that take a particular interest for the popular game known as Destiny, you are about to [&hellip

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